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Honda Hornet 900

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by brayo, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    i've been reading about the honda hornet 900f and think that will be my next bike.

    i'd be looking at getting this years model but not for a year or two.

    have read reviews on bikeppoint and a few other places and they sound quite nice, i'd just like to know from people who have one how they go and what they're like.

  2. Cue Jeff!....
  3. You won't get a 900 Hornet NEW in a couple of years time, it's probably going to be replaced this year late, or next.

    But there will be plenty of second-hand Hornet 900s around; just make sure maniacs like Loz haven't owned them first :rofl:.
  4. Hornet9 rocks, they do everything well. End of story.
  5. yeah was looking at the second hand market unless something shinier comes along or the wife put's on a turn
  6. Cannot agree anymore than this so I won't post anything......................Oh, I just did :LOL: :LOL:

    The Hornet 900 is THE bomb!!!
  7. I'm in the same dilemma Brayo!

    I had a test ride on a 2007 and found it to be a great bike. The power feeds in strongly and smoothly, making it easy and relaxing in traffic and nuts on the open road. I was worried about wind-blast on the highways but after a quick spin up the Eastern I think I'll be fine... besides, it makes you feel like your riding a proper bike! The cans are lame though... So there's more cash needed for aftermarket slip-ons.

    My issue is, do I buy new? I reckon I can get a 2007 for about $11.3k on-road, or I can get a low-km 2005 for about $8500. I've never bought a new bike.. Is it worth it? Honda give a 24 month warranty I guess... but it's a lot of extra cash.

    I'm convinced it'll be my next bike, it's just how to go about getting it.
  8. There's been no changes for years, the 2007 is the same as the 2005. If you can find one that's been looked after, go for it.
  9. No doubt you have thought about the distances you will be riding but just in case you havent. Suzuki make a nice bike with a lot more wind protection. Have a look at the Bandit 1250 before handing over any cash.
    The only issue with the Bandit is there are not enough to go around.

    If doing it naked is your thing the H900 are a top choice.
  10. What intervals are the first few services at for the Hornet? I'm guessing 1k, 6k, 12k?
  11. If you plan on waiting a year or two, it's replacement might be an option. The CB1000r.

  12. Yeah... I saw that photo. Then I had a little bit of sick in my mouth.

    Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but this 'Transformers' styling on some 2008+ bikes is really not doing it for me.
  13. +1
  14. yeah naked bikes are what i like.

    +1 for the transformer look on some of the newer styles.

    tho i did see the half faired sv650 and that looked ok too.

    still i've got more learning and lots of time until it's going to happen, just looking around and have itchy feet as my 250 is broken :(
  15. I upgraded from a Harley to a Hornet 900 in november and am happy as a pig in poo. Sensational fun bike.

    But then I saw this pic..


    ..and I reckon I'll start savin' the pennies for one drool.
  16. Spot on!!

    Just had my 12k service after 3.5 months and the bike just performs better each time ya ride it.

    Had to put on new rubber as well.

    A little bug spoiler screen takes the wind off the chest a bit, and you only have to "lay down" when you go over 150km/h.

    Must have mods
    bug spoiler screen
    braided lines to improve the already brilliant brakes
    centre stand
    heated grips for the girlie hands
    "bar snake" inside the bars to iron out those hand tingles from the tiny mini vibrations from the inline 4

    and then you can mod away indefinately!! :cool:

  17. Thanks Jeff! Sounds like you're another very satisfied customer?! I'm looking forward to joining the fold!

    My hit-list of mods is a bit different though:

    Shocks maybe..
    ...that screen does sound inviting too
    and some twin headlights might be nice!

    BTW, How much was that 6,000km service?

  18. $437 with a loaner bike from the dealer.

    similar for the 12K, so I am going to go to my normal mechanics from now on................warranty stamping can be done by them!

  19. The 900 Hornet is one of a few bikes I'm looking at to upgrade to. Just a couple of questions for those who have them or used to.

    Would you recommend it for touring? Looking at doing day trips and overnighters.
    Have your pillions had any issues with them? Are they comfortable after a long ride?
    As for luggage for the Hornet, what would you guys recommend? Ventura rack?
    Fuel range? 250+?
    I'm thinking of getting one around 5/6 years old.
  20. Test ride first of course, but I recommend these bikes until I'm blue in the face. Go for it.