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honda hornet 900 mirror/single seat cowl questions

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by dam-re, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. sorry if this is the wrong section as i have not the permission too post in the wanted section firstly.

    looking for some aftermarket mirrors have tried all the majar shops in sa..peter stevens coming close but failing due to strange pitch in thread of the mirror mount..slight angle

    bike is a honda hornet 900 07 model

    looking for these kind of mirrors..if anyone can point me in the right direction would be awesome as I have genuinely searched asked around and wasted some time in something that should be a easy fix

    also looking for a single seat cowl,

    pic.of mirrors im after..slim rectangle in black


    looking for a dealer in australia that has it and will 100% gaurantee it will fit..sponsors welcome..

    cheers for any help in advance guys

  2. Hmm, not the same as that, but VT250C mirrors are a common swap for something rectangular and a bit better looking.
  3. cheers loz..
  4. if you prefer billet bling, call Stu at http://ausfr.com.au and tell them Team FUF referred you
  5. found out what they are called

    hagan f1 mirrors

    frik england stock all the goods..


    sent email too that lot n.a.m

    just chasing 2 mods for my beloved 919..seems worlds away

    the mirrors
    and a pyramid single seat cowl..question do i have other model rear seat cowls in the honda field(cbrs/fireblades???) that will adapt and convert too single seating..for more aggresive look..

    once again appreciate any and all help

  6. no coz the fugly handle still remains

    like this...hesa seat cowl


    10x better IMO!
  7. Rizoma have some grabrail plugs
    that may eliminate the look you don't want alongside the seat cowl, but that hesa seat cowl you posted looks the goods. Saw the price of it on Wild Hair Accessories, haven't seen it anywhere locally though.
  8. yeah..looking at the rizona blanks at the moment..pitty no one stocks them here in oz..got told by os mite take up too 8 weeks to see them land here.mmmm