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Honda Hornet 250...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by tunelliner, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. This isn't exactly a project, but here I have a 250 Hornet (my daily commuter) which I have done some work on it (because I crashed it)

    The bike originally looked like this
    with nothing done to it.

    But after crashing it not once, or twice but three times i had to somehow get my act together to get it back on the road. The last crash did the most damage. I shattered and broke off my mirrors, bent my forks, broke my kill switch, did some damage to my front mastercylinder, bent my rear subframe etc. I have since done some work on the bike and here is what it looks like now.

    With barend mirrors and an aftermarket dash
    Close up picture.. errr my wiring job looks a bit dodge with the colourful electrical tape lol
    My front speedo sensor

    Sorry.. my bike does look a bit worn out. It hasn't had a good clean for a long while. Some bits need to be cleaned up and repainted. But it runs sweet though. I always keep it serviced and stuff :)

    I was just wondering what type of other changes I can make to the bike to make it look a bit better. Any suggestions on how I can mount the speed sensor without using epoxy?

    Heres another picture just for kicks...

    Sorry mods if i didn't do the pictures properly.. you can edit and moderate my thread if need be :)
  2. I'd consider mounting a black fly screen like previously you had on there, just to "smooth" over that bare look with the aftermarket instrument panel. Something like a Buell Blast flyscreen could look good.

    Check these out (they are 919 related, but just to give you the idea):




    Also check out:


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  4. +1 on fitting the screen !
    Hey, the last pic looks good ( body positioning ) :wink:

    Well Done mate
  5. thanks guys...

    I currently have a flyscreen at home. But i think it looks like poo and its a bit difficult to fit at the moment.

    Farab. how much work do you reckon will be needed to go for the twin headlights? what about all the wiring and stuff. Will that be exposed all can you stuff them inside your headlight like the stock hornets
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  7. looks hawt mate!
  8. thanks farab
    I'm looking into it mate. Imo the twin headlights look way better than a single. If you ever do the conversion (before me), I'd love to know the cost and work required for the conversion :).

    Thanks edgelett.. love how your hornet looks too

    just a small update: I'm in the process of installing my new rad fan. My old rad fan broke.. fan fell off the motor and decided to finally get my act together to find something before summer. in case it gets too hot and my engine blows up lol.

    Also... is anyone able to help me in regards to making a bracket to mount my speed sensor? I'm scared that one day the epoxy will melt, sensor jam into my brakes and fling me head over toes.

  9. A small update.. a change on the bike none-of-the-less

    I noticed a while back that my preload was a bit too high. It was on the highest ... notch 7. I managed to adjust (after alot of pulling on the tool) and dropped it down to notch 4. It's made a fair bit of difference on the handling. It's alot smoother and not pogo-ing as much mid corner and sure has helped with my confidence.

    The next upgrade I'm looking towards might be to change the springs and oil on my suspension.. it's a tad too soft at the moment.
    Also I'm still yet to build a mount for my speedo sensor. Anyone have any suggestions of how I may be able to do so at home or if anyone in Brisbane that can make one
  10. A bracket sounds like it would be a good idea if you're keen. But on the safety side of things, the way the wheel rotates it probably wouldn't get stuck in the brakes. To be certain you could just whack another zip tie there until you build the bracket.
  11. I'm keen on trying that spring and oil upgrade myself... eventually. If you want a hand I'll offer just so see what the go is before my attempt :p . But I'm prolly not the best guy to turn to for brackets and such. I am fan of the rat-rod look, and lots of my brackets and sheilds appear dodgy, although they generally work fine. You've seen my milo tin spark plug sheild. Haha.
  12. how are you finding the bar end mirrors?
    i love them, can see so much more.
    only i've got wide bars on mine as well.

    how does the tank come off> i know the screw at the seat end of the tank, but not sure what else is holding it on.

    also, any idea how the seat/tail fairing bit comes off?
    i need to paint mine, but cant figure out how to get it off the damn frame.

  13. undo the side panels, the bolts go through the tank too
  14. yeah the one near the front edge of the seat, under the side panels. that goes through the tank and the bracket on the frame?? yeah got that one out.

    seems like there's something near the leading edge of the tank that's still in place
  15. You are correct sir.

    As for twin headlights, yes there's a lot less room for the wiring, so you have to cut it down a fair bit.