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Honda Hornet 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dannyred, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. G'day all! I'm new to the forum and new to the biking world in general. I'm glad to have found such a rich resource of information and look forward to getting involved.
    I'm in the market for a 250 and have found the Hornet 250 difficult to find information on. Does anybody have any thoughts/experiences with this particular bike?
    Cheers :)

  2. IMHO the best 4-stroke 250 you can buy. They are based on the Hornet 600 chassis and a CBR250 engine.

    Best sites for info are the Jap ones (they're crazy about them)....
  3. Cheers for the response. They seem like a good learners bike with potential to keep me amused beyond the 6 month learner's period. Just having trouble sourcing one here in SA.
  4. I would like ti buy one too... But impossible to find one in/around Brisbane

    Any thoughts/help much appreciated.
  5. I would like ti buy one too... But impossible to find one in/around Brisbane

    Any thoughts/help much appreciated.
  6. Take a look at the new 2011 Honda CBR250R, brand new ride away at $6000. Test rode one yesterday and it was a nice bike to ride. If you only want a Hornet 250 then take a look south of the border as there should be some in nsw.
  7. I have a black 03 hornet in Brisbane my wife is no longer riding going for sale soon. She upgraded about 6 months ago to a street triple. Looking for around $3K - $4K. 31,600 kms
  8. I've got one, pretty dam good bikes :D
    If you buy troops one sounds like you'll have got a bargain. You won't regret buying one
  9. Other way around - the 600 is based on the 250 chassis, the 250 being released 4 or 5 years before the 600.

    Personally I consider the Suzuki GSF250V Bandit to be a better bike. Since its engine is based off that in the GSXR250R performance is similar to the Hornet, and if anything better with the Suzuki as it has better low end torque thanks to the variable exhaust (though early grey import GSF250s don't have this). Having been sold here officially parts/service should be somewhat easier to come by with the Bandit, and it also tends to be somewhat cheaper to buy (used Hondas are always overpriced for reasons I've never been able to understand).

    You might also want to add the Yamaha FZX250 Zeal to the list of options. It's another naked 4-cylinder (FZR250R engine), and was also sold here officially - though was not as popular as the Bandit so there's not many around. Again though prices for the Zeal tend to be a lot less than the Hornet. Having never even seen a Zeal up close let alone ridden one I can't really comment as to whether it's better or worse than a Bandit/Hornet.
  10. I'm new and not very good at this forum...:-s
    How do I get in contact w/ you to arrange time to see it, perhaps Wed?

    (oh boy, another black one... I've just crashed one and fire dept just kept 'pounding' me 'cause "it's black and no one can see it".
    - hello, my lights were on, the driver who cut me off didn't see me, simply 'cause she didn't look!!](*,)
  11. Thanks for the tip. Will look around border too.
    New cbr is double my budget, that's why I'm on market for second hand...
    Also, I prefer naked.
    (I think it's a 2010 cbr I tested last year in Europe, only now released in Oz? I was told 'cause market for 250's is bit small here. - I could be wrong)
    Anyways, thanks for the tip.
  12. The Hornet 250 was my first motorcycle. It is a fantastic bike - IMO, probably the best 250 around. I had mine for about 16 months. Of course, it ain't got nothing on my FZ1, but it's a great starter bike.

    It's got a bulletproof engine. It runs the same engine as the the old CBR250RR, but it's been detuned for better torque low in the rev range, so it tops out at 16000rpm and has 37hp rather than 45hp. Also, it looks like a big bike with its 180 wide rear tyre.

    It's fast for a 250. Acceleration is good, and it can cruise quite comfortably at 110kph. It's still a 250 though, so you'll want something faster after a while.

    The Zeal and the Bandit aren't the same. Their engines aren't as durable and they're also generally older. It's not unusual for a 4 cylinder Honda 250 to go around the clock and still perform well.

    The new CBR250R is a single cylinder bike. It puts out around half the power of the old 4 cylinder bikes. If going new, I think a ninja is better than that.

    Anyway, Hornets can be found but they go fast. They're usually between $3 to $4 grand. There is one at Hinterland Motorcycles on the Gold Coast from the looks of it. They're pretty good guys there - that's where I got my FZ1 and traded my Hornet (which has been long sold).
  13. Rubbish. The CBR250 was scrapped in the early 90's which is when development of 250s pretty much stopped. At least the Bandit/Zeals were sold here officially into the early 2000s - whereas the only Hornets you can find are typically earlier model imports.

    As for lacking durability WTF? I've never seen anything to suggest the Bandit engine is unreliable, and certainly never had any problems in the 40,000kms I rode one. I have seen a lot of CBR250RRs die long before getting anywhere close to clocking the odometer though.
  14. So are all Hornets grey import? (and therefor harder to find parts)
    And all Bandits too, or some are local? (and easy to find parts)

    I don't really understand why these were never delivered to Oz when there's a big market w/ learner riders...
    on the other hand Europe is so much further away (from Japan) and naked bikes are so much more popular!?
  15. All Hornets are imports, but since the CBR250 was sold here engine parts are at least available.
    The GSF250V model Bandit was sold locally, though there are also earlier grey import models available which use the same parts. If the top of the engine is red, then it's more than likely a local model (but always check the compliance plate to be sure).

    The market for learner's is not that big, and don't forget that Suzuki was already selling both the Bandit and the Across for around the 8k price mark. The Hornet probably would have been priced around 10k or more (given how much they typically overcharge for everything), so presumably they thought the cheaper VTR250 was a better option.
  16. They were only sold here because the market for 250s in Japan (which was much larger than it ever was here) collapsed when they changed the laws for novice riders (I think they increased the capacity limit to 600cc or something, either way 250 was no longer the limit) so demand for them dropped completely and they had thousands sitting around waiting for new owners (one of the main reasons why low kms are possible) so they were shipped off to Australia (which is relatively close by and has a fairly decent market for 250s unlike America). A fair amount of them ended up in Europe too, particulary the UK.
  17. Zeal owner here. Zeals were manufactured between 1991-99 - most in Australia are grey imports but they were sold locally 1998-9 I believe. Got mine secondhand for $2600 - since then I've put on a new chain, sprockets, and had some work done on the carbies. Mine's done 52000km but I've put 4k on since January :)

    It goes well - as an inline 4 it doesn't have a lot of power at low revs but picks up and flies at anything over 6k and runs very happily between 9-10k revs. Tacho goes to 16k but i've never pushed it up that high. Runs happily on the freeway over distances in 6th gear. I get about 240km to the tank before I hit reserve. Will hit around 60km/h in first if I want to beat the traffic off from lights.

    I do notice it's not as light and responsive cornering and a bit heavier to turn into corners than more modern bikes such as VTR250s or CBF250s - this actually suited me as a learner though. It looks good as a naked - mean profile with the stock twin pipes.

    As a (mostly) grey import parts are a little harder to come by than more common bikes but yamaha can get them in.
  18. Actually it was changed to 400cc. Which suited Suzuki just fine, given that the 250 Bandit is simply a 400 with smaller pistons. Only reason production stopped was to make way for the current GSX400 Inazuma - which they never bothered to make a 250 version of.
  19. You go off your experience, I'll go off mine. I've ridden all three bikes and the Hornet was much better. I regularly revved mine to 16000 and never had any problems with it.

    Those CBR250RR's you've seen die have probably been around the clock once before.