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Honda Hornet-250 Vs Suzuki Bandit-250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by EzyRider, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    I’m getting my learners permit in 4 wks and am completely new to the bike scene. I’ve set my mind on a naked but am tossing up between a Honda Hornet 250 or Suzuki Bandit 250. I was told by a guy at Sumoto in Melb (they seemed to be the only place that sells Hornet 250’s) that the Hornets won ‘bike of the year’ several yrs in a row in Japan. I’ve also noticed that the Bandits are generally cheaper. Please post your thoughts, experiences with these bikes and recommendations. Thanx for all your help.
  2. The Hornet is probably the better of the two bikes, but they are a fair bit more expensive than the Bandit, and have the added running costs of bigger tyres (Hornet uses a 180 rear). I assume you're talking about the gsf250 model Bandit (1990-1993, non v-tec).

    There is hardly any difference in their performance, although they do have slightly different engine characteristics. The power on the Bandit lifts up a notch after about 12k rpm, whereas the hornets power is smooth all the way. The Hornet uses a similar (same?) engine as the cbr250, so spares and parts are readily available. I reckon the Bandit rates higher on a 'seat-of-your-pants' scale, but the Hornet certainly is a 'muscle bike' of a 250 with that wide rear.

    I owned a Bandit for about 30,000 k's, no problems to write of, in the end it will probably come down to money.
  3. hornet is a newer bike (came out 98?) while the bandits been around a bit longer (95 on for the good ones) so you can get older bandits and therefore cheaper bandits. same thing really, naked inline 4 :? i reckon the hornet looks a little better, but thats not worth the extra $$$ IMO. i had a bandit, great bike on all fronts, no complaints at all :D

    and forget sumoto, do a search, you'll find out why. sit on a few bikes there to get a feel for them, then tell them you'll think about it and buy private :wink:
  4. can anyone confirm this? cos thats a fuggen HUGE tyre for a 250 :shock: most 600s only use a 160-170 :?
  5. I'm biased. Buy the Hornet :LOL:
  6. Hornet uses a 180 rear

    Jesus I've go a 170BHP R1 and thats only got a 180 rear are sure thats right
  7. Absolutely, for both the 250 and the 600 model. Mine looks like a truck from rear-on! :D
  8. Just read the posted website and yes they do have 180 rears as the rear wheel is straight of an earlier fieblade. Surely thats got to affect your " flickability"
    through the twisties though
  9. is there such thing as over tyring?

    my ZX7 runs a 120 front and a 190 rear as standard, a 180 rear helps the handling a bit. how would a 250 with more than 50kg shaved off go with the same rear and a bigger front :shock:

    must say, took me completely by suprise that one!
  10. I've had no problem with my 'flickability' through the twisties, but mine's a 600 with around 96 horsepower
  11. Ive never had a problem with my Bandit ('95 vtec model)..

    I do like the hornet but I couldnt justify the extra money in the end as they are pretty similar.. I put the money I saved into getting better gear.

    When I upgrade I wont be holding back in the finance dept but for something to learn on I didnt see the point in investing too much into something I will only have for 15months.

    If you have plently of $$$ go the Hornet but make sure you get decent gear.

  12. i can comfirm both the 650 AND 250 have a 180 rear section. It looks HUGE, like hornet said. When i first saw some pictures of a 250 Hornet i thought 'what idiot would put that sort of tyre on a 250. Then i found out it was STOCK and i nearly fell of my chair!!
  13. Sorry to sort of Hijack.

    Which one is a better bike a Hornet 250 or a VTR 250.

    Power ?

    Ride ability for a learner ?

    Tech? (someone said that VTR250 was old technology ?)

    features ?

    Anything else ?

    Thanks again


  14. V engine vs in-line
    twin vs 4 cylinder

    over to the others
  15. hey ezyrider :)
    definaltey the hornet is a go'er
    very very fun.. i ride the twisties every wkd very fun :twisted:
    did i say its very fun? :LOL:
    just ride both and see how you feel.
    i feel the hornet has much smoother power.
    and it looks damn sexy.. :eek:

    if these links are helpful
    http://www.motorbikes.be/en/Honda/1998/Hornet 250/
  16. I quite like the vtr's (v-twin) because of their relative simplicity (bulletproof!). I borrowed a mates for a few thousand kay's, and it was really easy to live with. Nothing really 'old tech' about it, but like a lot of new bikes, the basic design of the engine can be traced back a couple of decades.

    The Hornet 250's price is overinflated (even more than usual for a 250!) because they are fairly scarce, and look the goods. Their motor (inline 4) are based on the first cbr250 motor of the mid-80's.

    Most learners will find a twin cylinder bike easier to ride, and these are easier to learn good clutch and throttle control on. The only downside of the v-twin is that you MAY grow out of it a tad quicker than a 4-cyl, but there is still fun power to be had around town.

    Which is the better bike? Dunno, but the hornets are too pricey, get a VTR.
  17. That's TWO votes, yay prags!!
  18. hornets arent overpriced!!!
    you just gota get em at the right price :? :wink:

    you get what you pay for
    this rhondas racey, downright sexy, love throwing me leg over her
    always a good ride, smooth power, the 180 section tyre is absolutely awesome. beefcake! :LOL:

    ive riden both and ive streetfightered mine a bit to match my frame
    and its awesome. i could go on all nite about rhonda...