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Honda hornet 250 valve clearances

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by hornet250, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    if any other hornet 250 owners have checked their own valve clearances, Is there any way of removing the head cover without removing the fuel tank? I am following the 250rr service manual (same engine) since the 250 hornet service manual is only in japanese, and there is no mention of removing the tank on that bike, but I can't possibly see how you could remove the head cover without removing the tank on the hornet. Also, when I try to remove the the tank, I am seeing that as I unseat the fuel hose from the petcock, a small amount is flowing out even when the petcock is set to off. I haven't actually removed the fuel line entirely yet, but is it normal to still have this much residual fuel even when I've run the bike for ~15 minutes to empty out the fuel line/carbs? Thanks for the advice!

  2. Take it to a mechanic....
  3. You are going to have to remove the tank.

    You might get some fuel in the lines or the tap might have a leak. If it does, just lay the tank on it's side withthe tap up. That's assuming the tank isn't more than half full. You can get kits for the tap.

    But tbh, if you struggle with getting a tank off, then doing valve clearances might be a step too far at this point. It's a moderatly difficult task. Start with doing your own oil and filter changes and work up from there. maybe start with the tap repair, if it is needed.
  4. My question is WHY???
    I bought my (600) Hornet with 54,990 kms on it and sold it with 176,350 kms on it and the valve clearances were only checked once, by my mechanic, at 100,000 kms, and he said he only did it because the book said he had to, and that all of the valve gear was within acceptable tolerances....
  5. I appreciate the concern, I have done valve clearances before on cars, but I've never had fuel leak out this much when removing a fuel line on a bike and I was wondering if it's normal or not. I'm honestly thinking that the tap is leaking at this point though... As for the reason why I'm doing it, firstly, the service manual (the 250RR one at least) indicates that it should be done at 16,000km and 30,000km. The bike is just about to roll over the 30,000km mark, and to be honest I highly doubt it was done at 16,000km. Also, there is a ticking sound coming from the rocker cover area, which can mean that the valve clearances have opened up a bit too much. Thanks heaps for the help, I'll fix up the tap if it needs it as well. Cheers