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Honda HISS & Toggle Switch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Lionz, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. Just looking for a little advice from those more electrical minded than me - which believe me probably means you can plug a kettle in, turn it on and it works.................

    I just bought an 07 CBR 600 RR for a track bike. It came with one key. Problem with the HISS system as you well know if you lose the key you're up for a new ECU and coded key set. Big $$'s.

    Yes, i know you can get additional transponder keys and code yourself if you have an original.

    But i don't want to do that and worry about keys. I just want to install an on/off toggle switch for ignition and use the standard 'start' button.

    I'll take the key barrel / steering lock unit out and install the toggle in its place using the ignition wiring. Leaving the HISS system. I'll use the transponder from the current original key. I've read of people literally cable tying the key to the HISS unit. Now, here's where i need a little clarity.........

    Does the transponder need any power / charging? I've read an RFID tag works off passive AC, it's very weak and needs to be located right next to the RFID reader. How long will the transponder work as a standalone like that?

    I don't want to be in the situation that the transponder gives up the ghost and it's back to square on with a new ECU needed.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, cheers.
  2. no power required.
    the transponder gets it's power from the HISS unit, via an aerial in the transponder (like this, but different shape obviously)
    note there may be an external antennae for the HISS unit (like a coil of wire somewhere)..

    could it be vibrated to death? possibly...
    could wrap a bit of foam around it to absorb vibration, but it will never "run out of battery"
  3. Cheers Corollas........... that's kinda what i was thinking considering the keys in my other bikes have lasted for years and some used just intermittently. Just after a little reassurance.

    It'll only get vibrated to death if i lend it to GeorgeOGeorgeO and he decides to go cross country ;)
  4. I would still get another backup key though and introduce it to the ECU. The RFIDs in the key are pretty robust but a failure of your one key would mean thats it.
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  5. Fair comment Chris, i'll do that - cheers.
  6. ....... Its called exploring........
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