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Honda HART Advanced courses

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by calgarychris, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone has taken HART's Advanced I course and whether they thought it was worthwhile? At the moment I'm just looking to continue my motorcycle education...

  2. Did HART advanced 1 about 3 years ago - good day.

    Not all that challenging - but fun.
    Picked up a few things.
  3. I did what they call Advanced 1 a month or so ago. (The 4 hour course, used to be called Intermediate)

    I had only been riding a couple of months and got some value out of it.

    Quite similar to what we do on Saturday practice down in Elwood with weaves but at a faster pace. We also did dead slow riding which I got a lot out of.

    But the instructor helped a couple of things to click into place.

  4. 4 Hours? They must have changed something quite dramatically.

    When I did Advanced 1, it was a full 8 hour day.
    The entire course was run at the Attwood police training facility - a small circuit/track.

    We did all the slow stuff, high speed e-brake (100km - 0), hard braking in corners etc.

    The day finished with laps of the "track" under instruction.

    Again - it was fun, albeit pretty basic
  5. They used to have Intermediate, Advanced I, Advanced II

    Now they call them Advanced I, II, III - Advanced II is the full day at Attwood.

  6. Also in NSW if you join Motorcycle Council of NSW you will get 10% off HART courses that might be worthwhile.

    I am thinking of doing those courses.
  7. I saw them advertising at the Barry Sheene Festival and picked up leaflet. But $300 for Slow Speed Control, Braking, Braking in a Corner, Use of the throttle to assist in steering and Cornering lines seems a lot when i'd only be interested in the last 3 - and as Bitstar says, i can see it being 'not very challenging, but fun'

    Or spend $240 blatting around EC and concentrating on the last 3.
  8. I did what's now called the Advanced II course late last year. I've actually done it a few times, usually as a refresher at the end of winter when I want to loosen up after riding on cold and wet roads for a few months. I've met other riders that do it annually as a refresher to pick up flaws that have developed. I quite enjoy the drills but from a practical point of view its the riding flaws they pick up that make it worthwhile. But whatever floats your boat.
  9. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I'm keen to nip any bad habits in the bud. I'll give it a go and see what I get out of it...

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  10. Thing to remember is you are paying them to help you. So tell them what you want out of it.