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Honda H100a

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Monty9, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    I managed to get this for free the otherday. I am in the process of trying to make it roadworthy. At the moment i have removed the air filter and seat as well as the rear indicators.

    I am yet to do my ridersafe course and plan on doing it after my 18th birthday which is in 2 weeks. This is my first bike and i never realised how much fun they can be. I have only had it for a week and i am already obsessed with it.

    Does anyone else here have any experience with H100a's?
    Any tips for a beginner.
  2. is it a 2 stroke?
  3. Sure is
  4. Looks good. What plans do you have for it? What year?

  5. 81. Not sure at the moment pretty much just problem solving then i will go from there.
  6. Great foundation for a bucket racer/superlight.
    If you want to know all about them and what you can do to it, just get in touch with a bucket racing forum.
  7. I pulled this extract out of a site I visit on occaision to check the background of stuff I'm not overly familiar with. Seems to be more or less on the money and there are some hilarious write-ups to boot. I find its best to take most of the criticisms with a grain of salt, especially 'chassis rot' style comments as the site is UK based and assumes wet weather and horrible winters as well as road salting.

    HONDA H100
    1980-91, 99cc t/s single,
    11hp, 65mph, 80mpg, 250lbs
    Stroker commuter with reasonable style but not enough performance to justify quick demise of piston at as little as 15000 miles if thrashed by rabid learner. Small-ends and gearbox also troublesome at higher mileages. Some examples made it to 40k, when as well as a liquified engine, chassis rot’s endemic.

    The write-ups by owners aren't bad, one chap reckoning 110km/h and less than 3.5L/100k which sounds on par with comparable 100cc strokers. I'm assuming its running, so if it doesn't seem to start or run too well then maybe a decoke is the first stop. Then while things are apart you can check the bore, bearings and rings.

    Looks a top little first bike, have fun!

    - boingk
  8. i just got an '82 H100 on sunday.

    similar bikes.

    mine is neither roadworthy or registered, i've just purchased a manual off ebay and the first thing i'll be doing is replacing all the fluids (gearbox, engine, forks etc) with fresh stuff, new air filter and plug then i'll see if she runs a bit better, if so good then ill pursue a RWC, if not i'll tare it all down and replace what needs replacing (probably replace pistons and rings anyway), powder coat frame, clean inside of tank, re-do wiring which isn't complete and then assemble and RWC.

    i don't know much about the bike and like you it's my first bike but the bucket racers can get some serious numbers out of these little engines so following in their footsteps is on the cards when the bike is healthy.
  9. hey mate i had one..amoung my many strokers..mine was totally stock and just weathered from sitting on afront porch when i found it..but i did it up..it was a very cool lil bike..i regret selling it ..here is a pic.
    mods were, different bars seat re shaped and covered 28mm carb race chamber unifilter..looked and went grate
  10. hey twinrock did you fabricate that chamber yourself or take it from another bike and modify it?

    what's the front hub/brake your running in that picture?
  11. the chamber is a rg250 with the header off the h100 welded on..rg250 chambers are are great pipe design many pple use the for racing for all different bikes rz/rd especially..front wheel is stock..i cant remember what year they changed to disc..i have rg chambers if any one wants them..
  12. A bit self-explanatory, but I thought I might add- get some new tyres especially if yours are 10+ years old :grin:
  13. hey Monty i'm interested to know how your bike is coming along?

    have you had any luck finding NOS parts?
  14. gimme some news Monty, hows your bike?

    my H100 is coming along slowly but uni returns in a bit over a month so there may be a mad rush to get it done by then

    here are some links for H100 spare parts:

    BK performance in Brisbane

    UK shop

    another UK shop

    also you should check out the VJMC of Australia www.vjmc.org.au/