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Honda Grom

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lobsterred, May 19, 2016.

  1. it appears Honda is releasing another 125cc bike into the market now available for pre order called the 'grom'. It has rave reviews from overseas and looks like a little pocket bike with little road tyres. I'm sure you all know of it.

    I just sold my 125cc Honda cb125E as I thought it was a little inappropriate for anything outside the inner city as it struggled to get to speed and had no abs (for a noob I think abs is a lifesaver). I just don't know apart from entertainment and stunts that this new release bike would really be too useful outside of lower speed zones.

    It will retail for 4 grand as a special promo then go up from there. Considering a ninja 300 which is Australia's most popular bike only retails for about $6,500 is there any justification in this bike.

    Would anyone get it?

    I'm not looking to buy it or any other bike for now, but who would buy it and for what purpose?

  2. Great second or third bike.
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  3. Ahhh so it's good as a boys toy. If I were loaded I'd get one perhaps
  4. I think it would be popular with anyone who is thinking of otherwise buying a CB125E or similar now - learner riders and anyone who wants an economical local bike. It would have similar good points and limitations. If you live and ride in a predominantly urban area it would go well. Having said that, someone took a Grom all the way from Oregon to Alaska...
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  5. Technically a cb125E could also do that with enough stops. They are hardy no bull bikes those 125e's they just lack in power which is an issue on Australian roads
  6. Give me a used ninja 300 any day
  7. I reckon the r3 is the pick of the smaller bikes, but my response is similar to yours otherwise basejumperbasejumper
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  8. I bought the Kawasaki version, so am probably qualified to enough to answer. They are basically designed to be "fun" bikes. There is just something about these mini motorcycles that encourages you to be stupid.

    The argument floating around is this or a second hand motard. As I had a tarded DRZ before I can say that for me the DRZ was a bit more serious. There was always the sense that it could bite you if you did something too silly. These little bikes you don't feel that be it riding straight down a staircase or skidding the back wheel round corners (that's why you don't want ABS :p).

    I'd imagine that if your s newer rider you probably wouldn't have the same feeling. If that's the case it's just N expensive 125 missing a gear. I also imagine there are riders braver and more skilled than me who get this sense on a bigger motard. These bikes obviously won't suit everyone but their success in the states suggests many find them suitable for their needs.

    As Vertical C said I wouldn't even consider it as an only bike, unless maybe you were cross shopping with a 50cc scooter.
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