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VIC Honda Grom MSX125

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by BobbyW, Oct 16, 2016 at 14:58.

  1. Hi, all,

    My firsy post here. I am posting this for my daughter who had her Honda Grom stolen from 21 Robert St, Collingwood last night.

    She is on her way to the police station and asked me to post this for her and if any of our fellow netriders saw a Queensland rego Honda Grom in Victoria that is most likey hers.

    The rego is 030 OC as shown in one of the picture.

    If any one see a grey Honda Grom and QLD rego in Victoria, please let me know. Appreciate much.

    She's devastated. It's her first bike and rode it for less than 2 months.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. So sorry to hear about it BobbyWBobbyW. That's rough. Hope it turns up soon.
  3. Thanks Kate.
  4. Bugger, miserable bastards. Hope it was insured....
  5. Fcuking dogs
    I hope it is insured
  6. Geez there's some aholes in this world. Hope she gets it back mate
  7. I'll keep an eye out, is that HID/LED factory or aftermarket?
  8. Thanks. They are factory.
  9. Security camera caught this piece of shit stole my daughter's bike.

    Camera showed that he came in at 7:30am and headed straight to the bike.

    Anyone recognise this ahole in the Collingwood vicinity, please let me know. Thanks

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  10. If only that pic was clearer :/

    I despise bike thieves. @$%!#$
  11. Yeah, let's hope the Richmond police can recognise him.
  12. I reckon the cctv is a pretty decent picture of his face. Hopefully goes a long way to catching him. Did he break the steering lock or wasn't it locked?
  13. If your on Facebook, contact Mel Rose the 'What got stolen' group and she can share thing amongst the many motorcycle and commuinty groups.
    With such a clear picture you assume someone would have a fair clue who he is.
  14. Surely that's a decent enough pic for someone.

    if hes got form, the cops for sure should be able to I.D him
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  15. He broke the steering lock but the camera wasn't pointing at where the bike was parked.
  16. Yeah Jeffco, he does look like a drug addict. I am hoping the police can ID him.
  17. #17 BobbyW, Oct 17, 2016 at 16:06
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    Thanks Nicholai_Chev. Will get on with it. Every little bit helps

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  18. Hopefully the cops can put his pic on the local Facebook police page. Maybe u can join some local groups and put the pic up yourself ?
  19. Bloody scumbag!

    What amazes me is that we can get 12Mp cameras in our phone yet security camera photos are still crap?
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  20. That low scum in the pics looks like a grub drug addict.
    I'm sure the moron is on file.
    I doubt the bike will resurface, the grub has most likely sold it already for drug money.
    I hope the cops catch up with him soon.