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Honda GB500 tourist trophy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Pikey, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm new to motorbikes, and have just got my L's. I am currently looking at a '89 Honda GB500 tt. 4k on the clock, immaculate condition, from Japan, from a reputable sydney shop. HOWEVER....it is a deep red murone colour and doesn't have the faired single seat, Every picture/literature i have seen on the web has stated that the bike came in Black or Green and all the pics i have seen have inclued the single faired seat, does this mean the bike is not an original TT?

  2. If you're getting it from Scotts, I believe they have a whole bunch of parts that they can swap around between bikes, so ask them about it. Chances are it's just been changed in order to cafe racerify up the bike more - ask them and they might be able to change it back.

    With the colour, afaik it's very common for imports to be resprayed, because there aren't a lot of garages in Japan and the paint tends to get ruined.

    Basically, I imagine it's genuine.
  3. No motorbike dealers are reputable. Some are less dodgy than others, but no-one is above suspicion!

    Doesn't sound right to me. Did some quick googling and... hmmm. Dodge City.
  4. The GB 500tt certainly comes in maroon. I know, because I owned one. The seats are interchangeable between the 400 & 500 as far as I am aware.
  5. Roarin - Thanks for confirming it is a factory colour

    Schwer - Yeah it is from Scotts.

    Quarterwit - Point taken!

    From what i have read and learned from talking to others, the gb 500 was illegal in Japan but a few stayed there registered as 400's and were rode on the sly at night time, so that explains low milage, the paint looks like original, as in not the Glossy sparkle straight off the showroom, and the decals are all still in place with some faint cracking, So hopefully that all adds up to Original. Will do some more research.

    Anyone know someone who owns or has ridden one of these?

    Just gotta get me one of those shmick looking faired seats!!
  6. they're a sweet looking bike... what other jap bikes have a similar look but with a bigger engine?
  7. You'll regret it :grin: . The 400 seat was a lot more comfortable from my unreliable aging memory. About the only thing to look out for is the swingarm pivot bushes. Get some one to help lean it over on the side stand to get the rear wheel off the ground and wiggle the back wheel from side to side. Chances are the bushes will be shagged as they are only made from some el cheapo sort of plastic. Get some bonze ones made up and you're good to go. I put a few thousand km's on mine and absolutely loved every one of them. 1000km's of twisties in a day is the reason behind my comment in regards to the uncomfortable 500 seat :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: . Not super fast (about 180 tucked down under the headlight with a tail wind down hill) but really light and nimble and begs to be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and hammered through the corners. The sort of bike that has one cackling like a mad woman as you hold the throttle pinned to the stop and crank it from peg to peg through your favourite set of twisties with your eyes bulging like organ stops :shock: :shock: . Damn I miss mine :LOL: :LOL: From memory I think they run 18 inch wheels at both ends so sticky tyres may be a bit of a problem to find now days. I used to run Avon supervenoms which were one of the stickiest things around then. They respond well to a bit of de restriction in the exhaust department. If you get one, don't just look at it -get out there and thrash the wheels off it. Bloody good fun
  8. HIGHLY UNLIKELY to be genuine km's. If it is genuine then you've found a gem......and the only bike to be imported from Japan without a wound back speedo. Of course the dealer(s) will say that's bulltish.......just like they did for years in NZ where they've been importing Japan's motoring woes, in both 2 and 4 wheel forms, for 15+ years.

    They're a good bike by all accounts but why not find one that was sold new here in Oz with some sort of history ? For all you know this could have spent it's life on a track (albeit in Japan.)
  9. Thats a wee bit hard since they were never imported here. And why some one would put one on a race track, well the reason escapes me for that :LOL: :LOL:
    As an aside, I purchased an import VFR400 with alledgedly 10,000kms on the odo. It now has 80,000 on it and guess what -it has had nothing spent on it other than normal servicing (read oil & filter changes) and the bane of all Honda road bikes -the rectifier regulator. Moral of the story. Don't be scared of imports as long as the bike has not been obviously abused/not maintaned. Happy hunting :) :)
  10. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Has been really usefull, I have talked to the dealer and they are happy to do a straight swap for the faired seat, but won't have one in till after NY, so I'll see how the normal seat goes and looks then decide. There maybe some other seat optons to look at. The bike comes with stock exhaust (for rego purposes) but there is also a short aftermarket exhaust that comes with the bike, (not sure of make or type) so will be interesting to see if that makes much of a difference to power. I've decided to go ahead and purchase the bike, even if the clock has been wound back it is in fantastic condition, I'm happy with the price, and the service I have received so far. I will be picking it up next weekend, will post pictures when I get it home!! Thanks again!
  11. talk to this guy http://www.thumperpage.com/articles/rzgb500.html

    looks like fun to me :grin:
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  13. Be Nice


    I like the Honda GB400 & 500TT's but have not heard good things about Scotts Motorcycles in NSW. Does anyone who of another dealer in Sydney please?

    I'm also concerned about servicing and spare parts.

    Why do still want one I hear you ask? I'm buying with my heart and not my head, don't we all do that ?

    This is my first post so please be nice.

    Thanks :grin: :grin:
  14. I can't comment on parts or servicing in terms of buying bikes there, but my experience with their workshop is top drawer. In Sydney one day I noticed that my bik wasn't accelerating well and that I had to take a couple of handfuls of twist grip to get it to go. I rapidly deduced (der...) that the accelerator twist grip wasn't stuck on properly and wasn't turning the throttle properly.

    I pulled in to Scotts and explained the dilemma, bought a new set of grips and the mechanic rode the bike around to the workshop, fitted them and sent me on my way without charging anything for the labour and time at all.

    For service they get my vote.

    Love the 500 Honda, BTW, I have a mate in Canberra has a black one.
  15. Re: Be Nice

    The guys at Scotts do a great job, why not go take a look at the bikes and have a chat? Pretty sure you'll be impressed.
  16. Thanks folks, much appreciated. I guess I shouldn't listen to just one guy who had a bad expirnce with Scotts, I'll go and check things out myself.

  17. Yeah, I'll second and third the good experiences, I've had an old bike serviced there and they were excellent and inexpensive, and didn't laugh too hard at the pile of shite I brought into their workshop. :grin:

    I've ridden a few of their GB400s and 500s and they are super tasty. Also talked to an owner who had had one from them for a year, and he was very happy with it.

    So all in all, definitely worth a trip to Kogarah!