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Honda Fury

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by deadman, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. I dropped my Bird in on Wednesday to get it repaired from my drop , and while I was there at Metro Honda, I asked for a ride on the new Honda Fury chopper,
    I have always loved choppers, Rode a triumph Bonny fully chopped with 8 over front end for 17 years,

    I have been looking at this bike for months now with the intention of buying it when it was released,
    I absolutely love this machine, riding it was a blast, fitted my body like a glove,
    The only difference to sitting on my Bird with my risers was the highway pegs,
    and the bars are wider,
    But It is so under powered with the 1300 VTX motor, It needs the 1800 to make it a goer,
    Yes, I know, stepping off my Bird onto this bike is a big difference, But its a shame they did not put the big motor in it, rode it down to Warrandyte and back. about half an hour, could not fault it other wise, The after market muffys that were on it are a cop magnet, but it sounds really great,
    I may be old, but I aint slow, and for me this bike is too slow,
    Reluctantly I walked away, would have been nice to have it as a second bike.
    Dissapointed no end,
    First Demo bike I have ever ridden, I know what I want when it comes to cars and bikes, and buy them with out a Demo ride,
    I do my home work before I even look at some thing I want, then its just a matter of coughing up the cash and its mine, If it suits me, but this time I kept my dollars in my pocket, And I can afford it,

  2. eventually there may be enough feedback from people saying "I would buy it if it had a 1800" for Honda to upgrade it in future
  3. It would be an excellent learner or ladys bike, Both feet flat on the ground, low seat. It likes to stand up straight, well balanced with the weight, (centre of gravity) down low
    Good for short people or those with short legs, It dont go fast enough to get you into trouble,
    But for the serious rider, it needs more grunt, get up and gone power,
    Feed back might make them put the bigger motor in it, $21500 ride away, is too expensive to then drop the 1800 motor in it on top.
  4. When this bike was first mentioned by Honda my immediate thought was actually "1300? but they have the 1800 sitting right there!"
    As far as I can tell this bike kinda slots into the genre of "It's a cruiser, but something different" which IMHO is that same genre that the 109 is in (yes, I'm biased etc etc).
    I mean yeah, on paper, the CC's are certainly comparable to the 1300 Harleys, but I'm sorry - if you want to stand out from the Harleys, the Rocket III rewrote that story long ago.
    So for $22-ish G's you get a pretty cool looking bike, but is way down on power compared to a 109 and more expensive. Or on equal(ish) price comparison you could get a R-III which to be honest, creams it.
    And really there the 3 bikes that are in that "It's a cruiser, but something different" genre.
    But yeah - if you want to aim it at ladies or people of a smaller stature, thats fine. But they've just priced it WAY out of the market. The people looking at it from that perspective are generally looking at the mid-sized market (VT750, VN900, VStar950) which are horrendously cheaper.
    Sorry Honda - close, but no donut cop!
  5. ??????? $21K is way too much for a jap custom bike. Hopefully it will go the same way as the DN01 and will come down to around $10K - then I'd buy one.
  6. I'd also sooner look at the M109 (or M90 if the 1500 has enough poke) or Rocket III.
  7. Interesting looking bike.

    Needs a massive tidy up at the front though. Seems like there was way too many wires that they should have hidden a bit better.
  8. Went down and had a look for myself.

    At first glance - looks really well detailed.
    A second look reveals poor cable routing (check out the cables for front wheel!) and details like clutch cable almost looked like they had been thrown on later. Exposed cable ends spoilt what was a well thought out bike.
    The engine looks massive, but maybe because the tank looks so tiny.

    As a design exercise, it works well. But the finishing details let it down.
    plastic covers on the heads, bad cable layouts, some poor looking welds. Will age quickly as just another pretender.