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Honda Finally

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by RENSHELL, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. I did it, i brought the new shadow vt750c classic in white...I love it, what a dream bike to ride, coming off a virago 250cc & Hyosung gt250r what a difference :LOL: How many other guys or girls ride this bikeand what are there thought on the bike?????

  2. Congrats on the new purchase, enjoy. :worthlesspics:
  3. Congratulations on your upgrade to the 750. I've not ridden one (I DID ride the VTX1300 when I was shopping though), but all reports say they are a very stable ride with loads of scope to customise, and an ever-growing OEM catalog. Enjoy!
  4. Congrats on your new bike.. :cool:
  5. congrats on the new bike. i hope you enjoy it.
    i went and had a look around the bike shops today and had a look at this same bike (except in black). i just couldnt get past the whole Harley factor sorry.
    each to their own i guess.
    id rather the real deal than a faker.
  6. Whats fake about a japanese cruiser .. :? Would rather pay a realistic price for a bike that will do exactly the same job.. :grin:
  7. great bike. I have a 1999 model and they are bullet proof.

    Plenty of Mods to do and once you start........ya just can't stop :LOL: :LOL:

    Check out my garage, but the poor girl is now reluctantly for sale as too many bikes in the garage :cry: :cry: (see bikes for sale)

    You'll love riding this bike which will do all of want you want.

    4 mods you MUST do are braided brake line, 37 tooth rear sprocket, K and N air filter, and Corbin seat.

  8. man, ride what you like.
    Ride what you can (almost) afford.

    Just ride.

    If it is right for you, don't let anyone else ride it - let em get their own!
  9. i absolutely love it, very very comfortable, thanx for all ur reply's guys :LOL:
  10. Awesome - this is one bike I am looking at along with the VN900 Classic.
    Be great to see some pics and your ongoing thoughts on the bike. Congrats
  11. Congrats on the new bike :)

    But... errr.... why white?

    Most cruisers on the road are either black or a strong colour like blue or red or green.

    Not knocking your choice... just curious.
  12. Congrats from me too Renshell. I have a few mates with the VT750 and they have no complaints at all.

    My first cruiser was a Yammie XVS650 in silver and pearl white. I bought it 2nd hand so did not have much choice on the colour. I was surprised how many people commented positively on the colour. It grew on me after a while.
    Here is a pic of it;


    About time you got the camera working and post a few pics of the new machine :) :)
  13. Exactly, most cruisers are black or similar, i chose to go with the white, because of that very reason..I didnt want it to look look like every other black cruiser getting around, i wanted something a little different than the norm....And aslo i thought would be easier to keep clean , you know like white cars hahahah was i wrong. I see every little bit of crap on it.But dont regret the colour at all..... :LOL: