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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by yelloweagle, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. I would like peoples opinions on the honda f4i 600 as I am wanting to upgrade very soon from my vtr250, money a bit tight so can't afford anything brand new for now, this bike seems to keep attracting me for around the price I want to pay, being tall 5'11 I never have a problem with touching the ground and have sat on one and felt quite comfortable with back etc, still got to test ride one but input would be good.
    Many thanks

  2. My brother has one and they're a very noice bike to ride.

    If they came with a V4 and Staintune exhaust I'd replace my current bike with one :D

  3. had my 01 model for just over 2 years now and i love it (even if the bloody thing is cursed) but dont worry thats not f4is in general just mine.

    it has done 34,000 kms and is running fine, had to have the regulator rectifier replaced due to an arse end shunt but other than that it is ok, the only problem with them is that although they have a (claimed) 18.5ltr tank (closer to 17.5) the milage is pretty woeful, i can get about 220 from a long freeway commute but on a twisties ride i usually get about 160 - 170kms before reserve kicks in, i have had braded brake hosed on the front, a 520 pitch chain and sprocket conversion (2 teeth up on the back, one down on the front) yoshi stainles pipe, k&n airfilter and i am getiing a powercommander fitted, and still the thing will purr alond at 50kph without any problems, it can be a total hoon bike if you want it to be as well though, depends on how you ride it (mine doesnt have an accelerator it has an on off swithch :LOL: ) but for the price (mine was bought new in 2002 and cost me 4,000 less than book price) they are a great bike to have, just be warned, the pillion seet on these actually have more padding than the riders seat (its like a thick mouse mat) so a sore derrier can be a problem on long distances, other than that it is a good bike to ride and own, if you have any more questions pm me or cnstr (he has one as well) or if you are at coffee night wander over and talk to me there

    hope that helps

  4. one thing i forgot to mention, being the height you are (i am about that myself) the first thing i would invest in is a double bubble screen as with the standard honda screen the wind blast gets you in upper chest and neck area.
  5. I was seriously considering a f4i before the 600RR then the 1000RR came out......they are a jack of all trades bike.....quite of comfortable bike so that you can get a decent stint of touring in as well as being able to mix it with the best when your attitude shifts at a moments notice.

    The only thing that steered me away from them was the swanky undertail exhaust on the 600RR then the 1000RR. And I guess the extra cc had a bit to do with it on the 1000.

    Fireblade....hmmmmmm...now the name alone is infinately better than hayabusa. But I digress......nice bike and from what I hear there is another model of it coming out lfor 2006 so depending on when you are going to buy you should be able to get some great deals when the new on hit the shelves. *please wait checking facts* Errrrr it appears it a new CBR6000RR for 2006...opps.

  6. another thing to note, if you do buy an f4i, for gods sake dont get an 03 or later, they are ugly, down on power (all the advances went to thr 600rr) and the single seat (pillion and rider in one) is total crap, and the suspension isn't as alterable as the 01/02 models
  7. I realise this is about the f4i, but just thought I would also suggest something like a yamaha yzf600 (the thundercat, not the r6 - the thundercat is similar to the f4i in terms of being more sports touring than pure sports). Similar bike, but feels totally different. When I was looking to upgrade I rode the f4i, the yzf600, yzf750r, and the rf900 (and a few others thrown in for 'good measure). Ended up choosing the yzf750r because it felt the best to me. It is definitely a personal 'feeling', so ride a few in the class and see what feels best for you.
  8. thats what makes me laugh about the f4i, they call it a sports tourer, but i certainly wouldnt want to tour on the thing, no padding to the seats, quite wrist heavy, and the bodywork isnt desinged very well to attach luggage, if you want it for an everyday commute bike and a weekend blast bike, there isnt anything better in its class (this doesnt mean it is the best, it is just on a par with the best in its class) but if you want a true sports tourer then i certainly wouldnt suggest it, not unless you are willing to spend money on after market parts to make it more comfortable.
  9. Similar to the other bikes I mentioned (excluding the rf900). It isn't pure sports though either. I would tend to call it 'sports tourer, with the emphasis on the sports'.

    (p.s. that was one long run-on sentence. Well done!! :wink: )
  10. I have a 2002 CBR600F4i, it has now done 27,000 kms.

    I'm 6'3", and unlike some of the other comments, I find the seat perfectly OK for rides up to 400kms in a day. By then I'm fairly stiff all over - mainly in the knees, so I wouldn't really notice a sore bum.

    As for luggage, I have a Ventura Rack which allows 2 reasonably large bags to be attached. I can also use a tank bag - but have never found the need.

    In peak hour traffic, the reserve light comes on at about 195kms. However I'll sometimes see 250 kms before the reserve light when touring. I generally count on getting an extra 50kms out of the reserve.

    I do over 10 track days a year on my bike. So I rate it as being fairly sporty. It's not as racetrack dedicated as some of the more recent models, but it's worth remembering that the 2002 CBR600F4i won both the World (Fabien Foret) and Australian (Shannon Johnson) Supersport Championships. So with relatively minor modifications it's potentially the fastest 600cc sportsbike from 2002.

    Having said all that. If I had a choice between the F4i and the RR - I'd take the RR.
  11. the thundercat is an awesome compromise for a sports tourer, i did over 1400ks one weekend and didn't feel it anywhere except my goddam fingers (from the cold). only prob is that they havn't really changed it since they brought it out, it's coming on 10 years now!

    it feels bigger and a little heavier than the CBR (at least the older ones that i've tried) but hugs corners much more snugly and has a peaky kind of power that i find alot more fun.

    but this is only if on a budget, go for gold if you got the money :wink:
  12. Thanks for the input people, have decided to test ride three bikes now and then I make the decision :).
    I was lucky enough to ride an R1 last weekend for about an hour which I must admit was primo and has left me grinning from ear to ear so am going to test ride f4i, r6, and 600rr :).
  13. Well people I ended up buying an cbr600f4i, took it for a test ride all over the place and it felt pretty comfi :), decided to get a rack as it is just so damn handy.
    It is not the latest model couldn't fit that in my budget but went for a 2002 model.
    Anyway thanks again for all your input it was very helpful.
  14. congrats yelloweagle i too will be gettin an 02 600f41 in 2 days (WOOHOO countin down :LOL: ) they r a noice bike an with enough exp you will keep up with the bigger bikes reasonably well, they are heaps of fun an a few grand cheaper than an rr model to
  15. Well done Maree!!! Enjoy! :)