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Honda DN01 - Finally seen in the flesh.....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by martych, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. ....and what a dissappointment. They look awesome in the pics I've seen but what an uninspiring way to spend $17k, which is a fortune for what is effectively an odd shaped scooter....and with only a 650cc powerplant, Honda you are dreaming !........Incidentally, it was at PS in Melbourne.


  2. Looks like a stingray.
    No likey.
  3. Seems to blur the lines between a scooter, a sports-tourer, and a cruiser all at once.

    Hey - I'm sure it's a fine bike for its intended purpose. As for the price, people spend way more on complete shit.
  4. i have to agree - looks like rubbish. not too sure why they went with the 650. i thought it was going to be 800? maybe i read that incorrectly somewhere.

    as for the price! what a joke.
  5. these will sell like hotcakes in japan and maybe some areas of the US based on styling alone. Not sure if they'll be very popular in europe or australia.

    expect to see lots of people riding these wearing business suits through the main streets of tokyo.
  6. looks like ET, only sleeker.
    Don't like it
  7. Now I understand why Honda rarely try to make anything too far left of centre.

    When they do, it looks like anus.
  8. It`s basically the Deauville Engine / Transalp Engine. So it is a 680cc V-twin, that is referred to as a `700cc`.
  9. I went and took a look at one today and reckon for the money it's pretty spot on. It's the perfect 'scooter/tourer' IMO. The only downside might be it's weight at 280ish wet.
  10. Maybe Honda is just hoping people will stop saying that they don't innovate any more...
  11. Yeah, the package looks a bit like somone tried to mate a barracuda with a supersonic jet...then gave it a fancy purple glaze and a fat ass. WHY???

    Incidentally, I think the cowl doesn't look too bad. But only if it wasn't a flow-onto-the-tank affair (think it is, didn't get a good look before eye strain set in). Everything else (especially mirrors!) looks...yeah...

    I sure hope no-one blows the purchase price of a K8 GSX-R750 on it.

  12. So that's what it was!

    I saw one of these stopped at the lights as I was riding through an intersection on the way home a few days ago.

    I spent most of the ride home trying to work out what sort of bike I had just seen?
  13. With the extended handlebars and forward foot controls, its got the positioning of a cruiser. Screen looks waay too low for a tourer. Colour is fcuking ugly.

    I think honda have seriously lost the plot.
  14. +1
  15. Looks fantastic, and the concept is great. Wonder what it's like to ride.

    Having returned from Japan just a few months ago, it'll no doubt sell like hot-cakes there: they love their power/muscle scooters.
  16. Then again that's not much of an endorsement considering they worship Pokemons and eat monkey brains.
  17. Saw one too in the flesh.. a red one

    looks hot.. apparently the guys that have ridden it loved it.. very suprised since it is an auto with a sportshift thingie
  18. Its for pple who cant use the clutch to change gears or cant change gears totally

    or to fool bike riders into thinking they are riding bikes not scooters.
  19. Just another episode in Honda's long history of producing overcomplicated, ugly, underpowered, overpriced and rather pointless sparkly tat.

    Still, it does make me feel better about dropping $18k on a Russian dinosaur so I suppose it does have its uses.
  20. expect to see these on sale for :roses: $10,990 in a few months :p