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Honda DN-01 Coming to Oz ???

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by martych, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, thought I'd ask the question in the 'Scooter' forum, as I think this may be of much more interest to us scooter-ists than sports bike riders.

    This is Honda's latest offering (apparently already available in Europe and Japan). From what I can understand, there seems to be some pretty strong rumors that it may actually make it down this way (?)

    It's a fully automatic 650 (I think) V-Twin.

    IF it makes it here, I'll be trading my Burgman 650 in a flash......What do the rest of you think ? It can't be just me that loves the look of this, can it ? :LOL:

  2. wow, nope i like the look of it too......wonder what sort of price tag it would have......after recently riding a 250 scooter, i wouldn't mind a bash on this baby either.....though i am still not a huge fan of the auto :?
  3. That's got some sizzling styling! :cool:
  4. Why dont they make it so its actually a bike with auto gearbox, rather than a sort of half/half arrangement? I mean its got sports bike styling, but then forward positioned foot boards meaning you'll be sitting upright. Seems to me to be a bastardisation of scooter and sportsbike.
  5. UPDATE FROM HONDA AUSTRALIA: Bike due here in June/ July of '08 with a supposed price range of....wait for it....hope you're sitting down.....$18-$20k

    WTF ? Honda's are usually a bit on the excey side but $20k for a hybrid bike/ scooter....They gotta be kidding !!!!

    I love the look of this thing, but there is NO WAY IN HELL I'll be paying that.

    Good Luck Honda.
  6. I agree. I'd say with that price they have guaranteed the bikes failure in our market. The real pity is that if this fails it will mean companies are all less likely to bring out further examples of bike/scooter hybrids.
  7. LOL, Honda is clearly getting out of bike manufacturing business and trying their hand at comedy instead. The bike was a bit of a joke on its own right, but combined with this pricing ... they should launch it at Melbourne Comedy Festival.

    By the way, the engine powering this thing is already used in Honda Deauville tourer bike, commonly referred to as "Dullsville".

    And all of it is bit of a shame, as I was initially quite interested in the concept and I thought the styling was unusual but pretty sharp. But I thought they were going to make it into a bad-ass power machine not a neutered city commuter. How wrong I was! As it is, it looks to be the ultimate sheep in wolf's clothing.
    At white elephant's price.
  8. Personally I think it looks GREAT!!!! :grin: .... but with THAT price tag I think Honda are pissing in the wind if they think there's a market for it here... :p
  9. Martych I have long been interested in a weird auto bike/skoot thing BUT... price. wot are they thinking??? I would dearly love a 650 auto with bike ride position... this one seems a bit too upright, but I dont want a full sports bike position, wreck my already sad wrists... I guess I want power AND auto but slim line styling.. not this baby at that price!
  10. Maybe the new Aprilia Mana 850 then ? Don't know anything about it other than it's fully auto but still dead sexy. Not even sure if it's coming to Oz, but one would think it would have a better chance of surviving than this beastie.
  11. Hard to predict what sort of reception Mana will get in the market, especially in Australian market. I think it will be pretty popular in Europe, especially in Italy, but I doubt it will be a best seller here. For one thing, we're basically a pretty conservative bunch. For another, the main advantage of auto transmission on a bike is for commuting in the city, and I don't know how many commuters will want to shell out relatively big bucks for their ride. Mana is said to cost 'a bit more than Shiver', and Shiver is priced at 14,990 + orc in Australia. So Mana is probably going to be cheaper than Honda, but still at least around 16 grand.

    Also, Aprilia have a pretty poor reputation for their dealer network and after-sales support, while Honda at least has that in their favour... Still, it doesn't matter much in the big scheme of things. Honda's machine has a bright future guaranteed, because it is actually aimed primarily at their domestic, Japanese market. And they'll eat it up, no doubt about that.
  12. The CFMoto V3 & V5 are also being imported from China. I believe the V3 is available now however I can't remember who is distributing it... I've been told the V5 will be available next year.
  13. would think the gilera is more worth the money with 500cc engine to go with it!

    give me an R1 for that sorta money any day! wish i had enough hours in a day to be buzzing around!
  14. Yeah but...... look at the thing.......AND it's from China.

  15. Martych I am ruined and its all your fault! I checked out the Aprilia Mana 850! Ahhhhhhhh! Design is EVERYTHING. and the Mana has it. I want it. I'd pay what they ask. How will I ever be happy again???
    I know the negs about Aprilia parts etc but we run a Futura 1000 and in this global world get parts from all over, good to note that the parts are only replacements from a few offs, mechanically the bike is great and comfort and styling is a delight! So I would have every confidence in an Aprilia, even here in Tas.
  16. Before criticising the DN remember that it has been designed for the Japanese market - where small (50cc) scooters make up the vast majority of sales. Those wanting something bigger are drawn to larger maxi-scoots including the Yamaha Maxam which is exactly the market the DN-01 is targetting. Worldwide it'll probably end up outselling the CBR1000. Price is probably still going to be high even in Japan but as a genuine alternative to a car it has some definite advantages (especially given the cost of car ownership over there).
  17. Yes but if they are bringing it to Australia, then we critique it against our own standards/preferences. Lots of things sell well in other countries, that doesnt mean they will here.
  18. Yeah but does Netrider necessarily reflect the majority of motorcycle buyers? After all the stats show that there's already a large number of returning riders in their 40s-50s, plus you have a significant amount of the population hitting retirement age with plenty of super to spend who most likely have no interest in some high-powered, unergonomic supersports. This has already caused an increase in the sales of cruisers and maxi-scooters, so the DN could very likely sell quite well here by tapping into that market.
  19. Of course not. All we're doing is offering our own opinions.
  20. I don't think anyones 'criticising' the DN. All we're doing is pointing out that in Australia It's BLOODY EXPENSIVE ! (I should say will be...)