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Honda Dealer in Brisbane Western Suburbs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Blue Dog 7, May 6, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    I am a newbie in all respects! Just finished my QRide and have my heart set on a Hornet 600. And I'm in the market for a brand new one!

    Some well seasoned bike riders have told me to ensure I buy through a reputable dealer, as these fellows recounted to me stories of old which involved dealers doing the 'wrong thing' to its customers.

    Can anyone recommend a Honda dealer in West Brisbane or general Brisbane?

  2. um why that bike?

    open your options and test ride more bikes
  3. +1 to tanya. try as many different styles of bike as you can. you might be surprised!

    As for west brisbane.... Pro Honda at Rocklea.
  4. tanya:
    You are correct, I have not even taken one for a test ride - and yes I do intend to do so before buying!
    I like the Hornet not only from the reviews, but several experienced riders have told me they are very well balanced bikes in all aspects. great for newbies. naked means less weight, and of course still have a fun factor.

    Taking these guys comments on board, it sounds like the bike for me. However, can you recommend bikes that are similar style etc to the Hornet? I am open to test riding others as that would give me a degree to go against.

    I can see Pro Honda from the Honda website. Have you have a positive personal or second hand personal experience with them? I find word of mouth is the best form of help when looking for a good business.

    Thanks for the input guys! Worth signing up!
  5. for sure. did my training through them. bought gear from them. and test rode a couple of bikes. always good service and very friendly. i nearly bought a cbr600f from them. but found my gsxr at too good a price :cool:

    i never test rode a hornet so can't comment on that sorry. but try the other manufacturers versions of the same thing too. ER6 - FZ6 etc. i really liked both of those bikes. they just weren't wha i was looking for. also try a sv650. very well rounded bike and very popular.
  6. Pro Honda Rocklea - if you go down on Saturday, my husband takes out the test rides. We've bought 2 bikes from them, do all of our servicing, I drop in and say hello when I'm riding past. Been dealing with them for 7 years.

    Oh, and welcome to motorcycling! :grin: