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Honda Dax rebuilding an old friend

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by VTRBob, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Ok so my younger brother has sold his house and down sizing, got a call during the week that he wont have room in the new garage for all our old toys/memory's and if I didn't want "Bessy" she would be off to the tip.

    Bessy is the red one of these two and way back in 1978 I did my L's / P's on her , yes that's correct I used to ride in Syd traffic from Blakehurst to Tempe for the 1st year of my apprenticeship on a 70cc 3 speed [ 1 up 2 down ] no clutch little speed demon :)
    Learn to handle Syd peak hour filtering and lanespliting on one of these you can do it anywhere LOL

    Both are in need of some TLC and after a quick look tonight it is going to be build 1 out of the two with some spares left over.

    Next few months I'll update the progress, with the aim to get Bessy roadworthy and registered once again !

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  2. You are so lucky to have reclaimed your first bike VTRBobVTRBob. I know many here regret selling there first. Having the skills to rebuild it is even better. I understand cars and regularly work on them with hubby, but bikes are a different story. I don't yet understand them as much as I would like.

    Hope it's an easy fix and keep us posted! (y)
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  3. Grant professionally restores Laverdas for a living, this is a bit of fun for him.
    A Bit of Light Relief
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  4. We all kept 1st bikes of different types in the family and either passed em along to siblings or nieces / nephews etc nver to be let out of the family! The Dax was the 1st road bike . We are still deciding over who gets the QA50 , XR75 / 125, XL250 and Darrens 2 strokes things KDX250 and RM125, as well as a few gokarts and other toys :)

    I was the freak of the family and once bitten by the road bug stayed with em, Daz stayed with dirt squirters [ even had his own shop here in Coffs and raced supercross for a few years ] Middle brother Stev got into the karts for awhile thats where they come from lol
  5. Recently sold mine after a full rebuild.
    A few mods from standard. :) 10401893_10204851713791810_1776613082555581935_n.
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  6. One for sale in SA at the moment - wanting for big $$ too. Seen on the gumtree.
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  7. Good luck with this project.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy every step.
    Keep posting the photos of our W.I.P.
  8. I had an '86 XR250 that was nicked so I bought an '87 XL250R that was in great nick for her age. Got her for only $1k. She was also nicked a coupla yrs ago. Still neither bike's ever been found. :(
  9. That is awesome!
    How much work do you intend to do to it? full restoration, or trying to keep mostly original?