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Honda CX500 Café work in progress. Advice on painting strip

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by wrxbox, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. My first pic

    Here’s a few pics of the vision so far.

    Now my question is:
    How do I do the stripes? Do I try to paint them or do I get a vinyl sticker or something that you can paint a clear coat over? Has anyone ever done this?
  2. Hi mate, good project, looking very good! If you need any pics of cafe'd CX's i've got heaps.

    I would paint the stripes & clearcoat, will look much better than vinyl stickers. I am not a painter though, this is just what I would do...

    Where did you get the rear seat cowl from?

    Keep up the good work & keep us posted!
  3. Looking good....
  4. Personally I'd go with the vinyl sticker - it's a lot easier to get a good sharp edge between the colours that way compared with trying to paint it yourself.

    Find somewhere that does graphics for cars and they should be able to make up anything you want. They usually don't charge much to apply the stickers either and it's well worth paying just to avoid the hassle and frustration of trying to get the line perfectly straight. You can then do the clearcoat yourself.
  5. /\ There you go, that sound like better advice! :grin:
  6. +1 to all that
  7. I painted a black stripe over orange then separated it with a white 6mm pinstripe. Then clearcoated over the top. It turned out alright, getting the pinstriping straight and parallel was tricky and it's not quite right. If I had to do it again I'd probably do it the same though.

    The thing I'd be worried about if you use a sticker is if the tank/seat has a heavy compound curve the edge of the vinyl will wrinkle, but I've never worked with vinyls so I have no idea.

    There's some pictures in the link in my sig

  8. U can paint over vinyl.
    but u will get nicer colours from specail pinstriping paint if you wana go the distance.

    alternative any older signwriter will be a pro at this and will wiz throu it.
  9. I've now got my seat and have began modifying the frame to fit it on. I’ve also removed the lug nuts that used to secure the battery/airbox tray and Rectifier/Regulator. Trying to decide wether or not to keep the centre stand. I’ve also painted the rear wheel. Also trying to decide on colours.
    Colour choices:
    Red with white stipe and red frame
    Black with orange stripe and orange frame
    Cola brown with orange stripe and orange frame
    Cream with brown stripe, brown or cream frame

    Any input is appreciated
  10. A good quality CAST vinyl will conform to any compound curve you can throw at it.
  11. we normally paint that sort of stuff on.....use fine line masking tape,run your finger nail right along the edge to ensure its a nice tight mask and let the paint dry 100% before removing the mask,peel it back at 180 degree's for a nice clean line....also dont apply to much colour as it will give you a large edge.....build it up with plenty of clear,then rub it down flat and flow coat it for best results.....Thats what we do with these harley tanks(the original tank is screen printed)the lines go down to .25mm and we get a 100% tight mask

    Heres the mask that took me 10000000000hours to set up :D

  12. sheesh... hardly seems worth putting a black harley thingo on a blue tank =S

    its hard to see the detail due to the colours being so similar and looks almost messy as a result (in the photo anyway)

    i think white or silver against the blue wouldve looked tits!! :grin:
  13. Tits.