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Honda CX 500 owners - represent !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VladTepes, Jul 20, 2012.


Do you own a Honda CX500 ?

Poll closed Apr 15, 2015.
  1. Yes, I own a CX500.

  2. What on earth is a CX500?

  3. No. Are you kidding? What sort of depraved individual would own a CX500 ?!

  1. Please let me know if you own / ride a CX500.

    If you do, please post in this thread where you are (eg Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide, whatever)

    Thank You

  2. The Honda CX500...so ugly only its mother could love it.
  3. Sick of mentioning your bike in every post?
  4. theblokeatnumber27 that ugly that not even his mother loved him

  5. For the record, Vlad, I have a CX500A (running - I think) and a CX500B (not running, most definitely) and as you know I'm in Brisbane.

    Did a lazy 150kms on my 32 year old bike today out to Dayboro and back this afternoon after I declared a stop to uni work for the week.
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  6. No but like bull terriers always found them strangely attractive.

    Interestingly there is a CX650 turbo occasonally at my BMW mechanics and when I asked him whose it was, found out he owned it.
  7. I used to own a CX500 Turbo sometime around 1993/4. Not only used for commuting but one trip from Adelaide via the coast to Sydney and back across to Sydney. Second trip up to Erldunda Roadhouse (base camp) and two day rides, one to Alice Springs and one to Ayers Rock and then back to Adelaide.

    Note, On the Sydney trip we spent a few days in Katoomba on the back home and saw a Japanese tourist on a CX650 and I think he was more surprised at seeing the 500 Turbo as it may not have been available in Japan back then.

    Was a good two up mid-sized tourer with only issue being two alternator failures. The second best bike I've ever owned.

    Before I bought my ST1100 I had the basic CX500 for about 18 months. I sold it privately six years ago after getting the 1100.
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  8. Well I owned one for 3 years or so in the mid-80s in Wellington NZ. I seem to remember pulling it apart fairly regularly to fix a coolant leak. When it was working it was great. My brother said it was a great base for a pillion with a camera.

    Strangely enough he has just gotten back into riding and bought a CX500 down in Bluff NZ, though he's since moved it up to Wellington.

    I've also just decided to start riding again (hence the profile name) and will probably stick to the v-twin +shaft drive format. But getting another Maggot would be just too sad and too much like pointless nostalgia so I'm looking at the Suzuki VX800 or the new Moto Guzzi V7. When I was looking at the latter, a dim long forgotten memory surfaced that I actually wanted a Lemans 850 but settled for the CX for some reason (?price, availability)
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  9. I had one when the LAMS laws came in, it was my first step up from the mighty ZZ-R250.

    I sold it a mate for his restricted period, almost bought it back, but instead arranged another mate to buy it, it then spent a few months in my shed, now it's on the way to being a nice cafe racer.

    Great bike.
  10. I used to have a 78 CX500, I quite liked it. It was like a comfortable old tractor that kept on going and going and going.
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  11. No and just for you I'll throw in another mention of my GSX1400 too !:biker:

    Work on the CX has temporarily halted due to financial pressures (aka I dropped the Suzuki) but I'll get her there eventually.