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Honda Cub: scooter or bike?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Bumblebeeman1150, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I learned to ride on Triumph Tigress back in the '60s in New
    Zealand. Even after some 20 motorcycles, I've maintained an interest
    in scooters ever since.

    My question, since I'm negotiating to buy one to restore, is this. Do
    you consider the Honda C50 Cub to be a scooter or a motorcycle?

    And is there anyone out there with a shed full of bits??!!



    PS: There is a Tigress sitting in my garage at the moment. It belongs
    to a friend who was planning to restore it for a scooter museum, but
    we've since found a restored one at a good price. Not sure what will
    happen to this one, which is pretty much complete.
  2. I'm sure you will find a buyer for the Tigress. I wouldn't mind it!
    Is it a TS1 or the TW2/TW2S?
  3. Tigress

    Hi Braddo

    It's a TW2 250 Twin, age not known but probably post 1960, as it has an alternator instead of a generator. Lots of work needed but a handsome machine and fast in their day.
  4. Excellent stuff!. Sounds like a great machine.
  5. Scooter.
  6. The Cub was actually featured on Discovery Channel's "Greatest Motorcycles of All Time", in the number one spot, as a matter of fact, so you would HAVE to say : Motorcycle...
  7. It's a step-thru motorcycle - may be automatic but it runs a chain drive not a CVT, the engine is mounted to the frame not the swingarm and it has proper sized wheels.
  8. Or just a step-through... you are correct, it's not a scooter.
  9. What's the difference?

    Scooter is just a category of motorcycle like any other, cruiser, sports bike, MX.........

    As long as it has -

    A- a motor

    B - two wheels

    It's a motorcycle to me :grin:
  10. Not really, the original scooter (ie Vespa) was designed by someone who hated motorcycles and wanted to build something as different as possible - that's why the term scooter was created rather than selling it as a motorcycle. The main distinction is that with a scoot is that there are no mechanical components between the riders feet/legs - there is with a motorcycle or step-thru though.
  11. It's actually a semi-automatic. 3 speed with cenrtrifugal clutch, not unlike the setup on the CT110 (although the CT110 has 4 speeds).

    That, and the fact that some say that 'Cub' is an acronym for 'Cheap Urban Bike' leads me to believe it's more bike than scoot. :)
  12. That may have been his intention, but what he made was a motorcycle none the less IMHO.

    By definition-

    it is a motorcycle!

    A scooter on the other hand is a human powered vehicle, like a skateboard with a handle. :p
  13. I've highlighted the bit you obviously overlooked - can't say I've ever seen a bicycle where the rider sits with their feet together on a flat floor. And if you look up scooter on that same site you find
    This is why the Cub is not a scooter (since the engine is between the riders legs) - and by definition a scooter is not a motorcycle.
  14. Another opinion on Scooters verss Motorcycle.

    I ride a Giler DNA 180 and it is unlike anything else I have seen in Australia. I can't post the address as a URL (don't have enough posts), but if you do a goole on the Gilera DNA 180 you might see something a little different. They were even considering a 750cc version.

    I have had an arguement in a bike shop as to whether it was a scooter or a motorcycle, the believed it was the later. They held that view until I said it was automatic.

    Not it is not a step through and there are compoents between your legs
  15. i ride a c90 to uni and back 4 times a week, im not sure what i consider it, when people ask what i ride i tell em a "postie" (although there a huge differences).

    i guess if its anything its a "Step through" because it doesnt fall into either category well.