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Honda CT70s in all their glory

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Climbatize, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. These two bikes had been buried in the garage for years and have just recently sold them. Just thought i'd put up a couple of photos of them.

    Grandparents passed these little rippers down to me and my sister a long time back. They are Honda 1971 CT70s and the CBR250 is my current road going bike.




  2. Those things look awesome...
  3. The forgotten monkey bike with a big bore 70cc.

    A good few people (like me) would be keen to score one of those.
  4. Ripper, those things are great! Hope you got a good price for them, people are paying through the nose for these. :grin:
  5. love the chunky utilitarian style, mini scramblers ftw.
  6. i'd love one of these, was this the red one just on ebay not long ago? The gold one still for sale, if so could you pm me a price. Thanks.
    I reckon it'd be more fun to ride than the gixxer, I know my little 150 pit bike is :)
  7. :shock:

    Love the honda monkey 'trail' 70!!

    HAHA and as Sooty said, Mini Scramblers!
  8. OMG, BAHAHAHA i learnt to ride a motorbike on these. And it was in bush dirt and grass with road tires too... had plenty of slips and huge amounts of lost skin when i was about 10..

    Will be keeping these pics.. Thanks mate.
  9. Those would be awesome to take to the drags!

    They'd get so much attention too.

    VS your mates, with nothing but skill... and body weight :p to determine the outcome!
  10. Nice one. My first bike was a CT70 when I was 10. Thought I was the only person that had one of these. 3 speed with auto clutch. Topped out at 90km/h :grin:
  11. they are OUTSTANDING!

    I want one... they're so cute i just want to take one home and cuddle it...

    I mean I'm a man. I like to drink beer and scratch my arse.
  12. More fun than a gixxer? :?

    Yes the this was the red one that was up on ebay.

    ad91on, Well, all the blokes that came and had a look were pretty big, blokey blokes. I took it for a few test squirts around the block and it's friggin scary on the road. No mirrors, indicators & steering is squirrelly as all hell. Apparently though, because they are pre-compliance they can be registered for the road.

    Ross you must have done mods to yours. Speedo goes up to 50mp/h which is just about bang on 80km/h. I did have it to that speed when I was a youngster but I needed a bloody decent stretch to get to that.
  13. They're probably at home cuddling up to one right now...
  14. look like the sachs madass bikes
  15. The roadgoing ones had mirrors and lights - so you can easily fit them. Great bikes, a friend of mine bought one new as his first bike back in 1969.

    Honda have put out a 40th Anniversay model this year.
  16. My dad rebuilt the engine and tweaked it to go a little harder. Not sure what he did as at the time I was only 11 and had no mechanical knowledge. But it did take a long stretch to get up to that speed.
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  18. In Europe, yes.
  19. I keep coming back to look at these, I just love them, I think my soft spot comes from my first bike, I first rode it on my brothers 6th birthday when I was 4.5, a 1983 Honda Z50 3 speed..

    Awesome bike! we had it for 15 years then sold it for what it cost new, 350 bucks, a few sets of suspension, a shit load of clutches and a couple of rebuilds later..