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Honda CT110 Postie

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by HondaCT, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Hi. I 'm new to Melbourne and I'm looking for some cheap transport for getting around. I'm thinking of getting a Honda CT110 postie bike. I was wondering if anyone on here has one? What do you think of them as a daily runner? Are they too slow for traffic and too cramped or are they ok? What speed will they comfortably go at? What are the common problems to look out for on them? Where could I go to sit on one and see if I fit on them!Thanks for any help;-)

  2. depends on A - the type of riding (distance) you will be doing & B your height weight dimension's
  3. I'm 6 foot and slim build. Distances would vary but I'd be staying off the big roads.
  4. If you're trying to deliver mail on one of them, then I hear they are fantastic!

    For any other purpose, well, how long is a piece of string?


    It all comes down to personal choice.
  5. +1 to posties
    only thing I know about them is.. I want one!
  6. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend one. Look for a 250 if u want cheap transport. Gpx250, ninja 250, cbr250, zzr250 etc
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  7. Don't count on any more than 80kph!
    Size is fine, I'm 6ft 2, it worked in that regard.
    The owners manual says the max load is 90kg total (which is less than I weigh) so hills weren't good.
    Pretty damn reliable, especially considering what happens to them in Aust Post service.
    Inner city commute only. easy to ride, no clutch (lever). Don't expect to out-drag too many from the lights!
  8. If the chain has been overtightened then the frame will feel like it's folding in half when riding "hard". Carb will be lucky if it's ever been serviced, even then it will be the slowest thing off the line. 80km is top speed on a good day. Very light, easy to throw around and agile though. Small 5 liter tank. If you ask to sit on one while we're doing our rounds you will get told off. They hold up fairly well after being thrown down the road as well.

    Without the mail bags on the side you have shit all silhouette from the front, making them harder than a normal bike to see.
  9. I bought one after always having big bikes for years and then it became a Sachs Madass, then a scooter. So it's a gateway to the scoot drug.
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  10. I think I would happily go down the path you've gone..
    postie first then Sachs Madass... that might be as far as I go though..
  11. The MA is way quicker in traffic. Though mine wasnt very good quality
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  12. Lol - from what I've heard none of them are.. but they are MADAss fun! ..and thats all that counts!
  13. Had a postie bike for about 6years. Picked up and sold for $800. Had it up to 100km/h, well my wife did while I was providing the slip stream in front on my old cbr. Did plenty of twisties at an avg 80km/h.
    Inner suburban travel is made for postie bikes, light, nimble and out rides most slow moving/daydreaming car drivers!
  14. Where do you live?
    If in Melbourne, I can put the feelers out for you if you're still considering a postie bike?
    A bike mechanic I work with knows what's going most of the time
  15. If you want a scooter, I think he may have a 150/200cc for sale at the moment?
  16. That's very encouraging thanks!

    Hi yes I'm in Melbourne. Yeah no harm asking him. Thanks for the offer of the scooter but I wouldn't really be into them as I've had motorbikes for a few years and I'm used to gears. Unless it was seriously cheap of course :D
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  17. No probs, I'll let you know if/when I hear of a postie for sale.
    I wasn't sure if you wanted it more for a commuter, that's the only reason I mentioned the scooter, they're cheap and come up for sale more regularly.
    If I had the money to pay for the extra rego and insurance I'd have kept the postie and would be using it as my commuter as I don't have any speed zones higher than 60km/h between home and work!
  18. Rode a CT again today while my NBC was getting serviced today. Great little nimble thing, damn gutless though.
  19. I had one, here's my 2 cents:

    The good: reliable, engine is hard to kill, cheap parts, will run without a battery, nimble around town for short trips, easy to work on and fix, more enjoyable to ride than a scooter IMO, fast enough for commuting in traffic, $5 in petrol lasted me a week.

    The bad: kick starting got annoying after a while, crappy drum brakes, felt cramped and I'm only 1.75 metres tall.

    It's getting harder to find a good one as they are either worn out or overpriced though.

    Good luck if you decide to go with a postie, if you can live with their limitations they're a lot fun.
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