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Honda CT110 Postie - Leichhardt NSW

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by tannie89, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    Had my postie bike stolen last night (I know its no Ducati, but they're sure easy to re-sell) from out front of my house on Norton St, Leichhardt NSW last night 27/8/12. Hoping it will turn up abandoned by the side of the road somewhere.

    VIN: JH2JD01UX6K502710
    Plate: QSW62
    Engine no.: JD01E2602715

    No real distinguishing features, except that there is no storage box or milk crate attached to the back (unless the new 'owner' decides to add one), and there was a silver chain lock attached to the back tray.


  2. Have a look out your window...he's still probably trying to make the getaway & not even reached the end of the street yet!

    Seriously, that sux. ANY stolen bike deserves death by hanging I reckon!

    Just report it so it's on record I guess.
  3. I'll keep an eye out - i'm in Lilyfield.
  4. Sounds like junkies after a quick grab rather than bike thieves wanting to turn a quick profit on bike parts.
  5. And when ya think about it you could probably build one before the cops found your old one, and it would cost less than your excess would!!

    Hope you find it, theyre damn hardy little blasters them.
  6. Damn even posties aren't safe from scumbags?
  7. A postie bike also got stolen from in front of the UTS building about 20 hours ago, and 2 days before that a drz from the same place. Cops are useless so is campus security. Councils complain about too many cars and when people try and do something good like a ride a bike to uni/work if they even think about parking somewhere safe e.g. (next to their uni/building or in a 2 hr standing zone- these being highly exposed and traffic able areas) they get booked and if they park in the designated areas they get stolen. I bought my bike to ride to uni but seeing as how many thefts of motorcycles there has been unless i get full insurance that's not happening. Ive only had my bike for 3 days and every night i go to bed i feel worried that someones going to take my bike even when its on the side of my house.
    Sorry that your bike got stolen hope you get it back.
  8. Yeah that was one of the reasons I got a postie in the first place - didn't think I'd have to worry too much about it! My flatmates ninja 250 also got trashed just out front of the house not long ago too - ripped his seat out and a few other parts.

    Getting a new bike next week, but worried about having to park it on the street again (no garage, no driveway)! Any tips on keeping it safe?

    Thanks for the encouragement.
  9. Run 240v through the frame? Tie a hugeass dog thatll eat any human being alive to it? Bring it into the house/apartment? Sit in your front room with a shotgun? Put flesh eating bacteria on likely lift points during the night? Put some explosives in the bike that detonate when its touched by anyone other than you, and hope the batteries in your transmitter dont go flat?

    Other than that, ive got nothing. Good luck in finding the bike.
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  10. Don't know if your game enough to drill into the curb side - but there's a very good anchor called Xena XGA-03 Ground Anchor you could use 2 (one for each wheel):


    Then use a couple of alarmed heavy duty chain locks like this one


    Maybe cover your bike too?
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  11. That'd stop them................from stealing your wheels.
  12. oook... secure the chains to a non-removable part of the motorcycle frame and use a disc lock.
  13. Get an old iPhone and hide it on the bike overnight, use the find my phone feature if its goes missing, turn up with a bat in hand.
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