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Honda CRF230L or Yamaha ttr230a

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rissile86, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. ok i'm looking to buy a dirt/road legal bike, just wondering what your thoughts are out of the crf230l or the ttr230a? I'm only 5"6 and weigh 60kg, so a small bike is my only choice. Looking at the specs the yami weighs only 110kg to the honda >120, but the honda has a lower seat which is a advantage but cost about $500 more.

    What do you reckon??
  2. Get Neither.
    I had a CRF230, i got over it real quick. like first ride i was bored. TTR230 would be the same. They are in competition with each other.

    I think im about your height...170ish cm tall. I ride a YZ250F for dirt.
    Id reccomend getting a WR250F, such a better bike then the both, its WORTH the extra cash. or just find a 2nd hand one. Your better off with a XR250 if you wanna stay with the more torqey bikes...
  3. i think OP wants a dirt / Road legal bike

    not just a dedicated drit bike

    I think the Wr250F or XR250 would be good :)
  4. TTR250s can be easily lowered - the bottom mount on the shock shaft is threaded to allow quite a range of adjustment. Might be worth a look too.
  5. Yea a TTR250 is good to, pretty much a Xr but blue :)
    Dont get a 230. waste of time i recken.
  6. thanks guys, i will take a look at the ttr-250, i would prefer a 250 but the seat height bothered me alittle, if i can get it lowered that would be great.

    I also heard there are a lot of mods for the crf230l, do u reckon with the mods it can keep up with the ttr-250? I just love the look of the honda but am alittle worried about the lack of power.
  7. i checked at a few bikes today, the ttr-250 is way to big for me unfortunately, ttr-230a and crf-230l are both good sizes and i can touch the ground (not fully flat footed though, boots would help with that), i also checked the kawasaki klx250s, which i liked the look of most, i'm tippy toe on this as well, u reckon it would be easy to lower the seat? What options would i have?

    I really want something with a bit of power and good for dirt beaches and stuff. Any comments greatly appreciated.
  8. Mate, its a dirt bike. You are NOT suppose to be flat footed on it, unless you plan to do some serious intense trail riding. the height will not bother you.

    do NOT get a CRF230, i had one, the dealer rejetted it as soon as i bought i because he knew i would get bored with it....and i did.

    If you are JUST starting to learn to ride a motorbike....maybe, but i still reccomend a TTR, XR, CRF, WR, *insert the suzuki and kawasaki models here*!
    don't bother with a 230 mate, you will be sorry...

    The best thing to do is, if you do get a 250. DONT lower it straight away....ride it around for at least a few weeks...you will adapt.

    If after that break in time, you still feel it is too high, then do something about it.
    I was contemplating on lowering my YZ250F, thank god i didn't.
    A) To expensive to do
    8) I just needed some extra time on the bike

    You learn to throw them around quite easily, especially the WR, i think it is the lightest of them all. XR is a little bulkier, i think roughly 125kg, as the WR is around 100.
    My YZ250F is under 100 :grin:

    Keep us posted.
  9. the thing is i will need to be flat footed as i will be riding it to work and there are several traffic lights, this will make it pretty hard for me to stop if i can't touch the ground!

    I looked at the suzuki dr-z250 yesterday and i was tippy-toe on it, the dealer said he could lower it a couple of inches which would make it perfect for me. Any opinions on the suzuki. I will be buying dead on christmas time so i still have time to decide.
  10. If you can get toes down on one foot, you'll be fine. When you need to stop, just shift yourself off the side of the seat and lean the bike over a little more.

    I road a TTR600 for 6 months, I'm 60kg and only 5'11" only absolute tips of my toes could reach the ground, kick start only and an absolute bastard at that. Leap off the ground with your left foot, come crashing down on the lever on your right foot. Try not to slip off the kick start if you don't want to rip all skin off your ankle on the jagged steel footpegs. I stalled it at the lights a few times, which was good fun.

    With a modern electric 250 you're dreaming.

    Old klr250 does everything brilliantly and low as. If I was in the market for a newish road-trail, and I never had to ride the highway, I'd get a used dt230, great reliable commuter/stroker.
  11. yeh i'm seriously considering the dr-z250 or klx250s now, i guess i will get used to the higher seat, the extra speed will definately help on major roads. I just want something good on tight trails, something great for exploring bush.
  12. doesnt sound like your really serious about riding dirt. is this just an easy bike to ride with a few hard trails in between kinda bike?

    seat height shhouldnt be worrying you if your talking dirt. the ground is uneven. its not like riding a road bike, very different.

    i would suggest an xt250 if seat height bothers you.

    if you can get over seat height, the ttr250 is the choice of the three 4smoke 250s (foprget the klx).
  13. i definately want a dirt bike and i want to ride dirt, the xt250 dosn't seem like much of a dirt bike to me like the honda crf 230l or ttr-230. I want something fun and easy to ride but still can reach a high speed for main roads to get to the trails.
  14. I agree with fitz, the TTR250 is probebly the best of the lot, you can perform a few simple mods like jetting, sprockets and wacking a exhaust on it for a bit of extra snap.

    I highly suggest you AVOID the xt250. My uncle had one and yes it was nice and smooth on the road...but in the dirt your better off with well...nothing.
    It gave little enjoyment while trying to ride it through big ruts and creeks.

    But do keep in mind i am sure the xt250 is NOT designed for heavy trail use....but if you do hit up the trails. Its going to be regarded as "Heavy".

    Don't worry about the seat. Ride the TTR250 for a little while and if it STILL bugs you, you can do try shaving the seat because those things have a monster padded seat!

    Forget the CRF230 and TTR230. Useless on the road and don't come stock with indicators/brake lights.

    I just think you should ride the DRZ/KLX and TTR250 and see if you like them.

    Though the BEST 250 Road/trail is by far a WR250F. Period.

    Only negetive thing is the oil has to be changed more frequently and just require a bit more upkeep, but if you can afford to do that and the extra $$$ to purchase one. You will NOT be disappointed. Unless of course you want the WR450F :p
  15. well you probably need to overcome your fear of high seats then !

    the 230s are not much better than the xt250 imo. better in suspension but not in engine. if your doing more than packed trails then you will want a higher seat height. its like riding an equistrian horse. can you imagine using a minature horse?

    have you ridden dirt before? how much riding experience do you have?

    how far do u need to ride on road to get to your chosen trails?

    the reason i ask, the ktm 200 is a VERY light bike. it may compensate your fears on seat height. but it is 2t. but a lot more fun than a 250 4 banger. imo.

    i understand your fear about seat height. but the more you ride the more you will overcome that and realise you need to be up high.
  16. plus the ktm cant be ridden on the road....not that you would want to on that bike.

    ....however i would love one in some tight trails
  17. i owned a t ttr230 ADR for 6 months- it was fine for short trips around opwn which is what i used it for the most - to commute and have some weekend trail fun- loved the handling once the trail dirt tyres where exchanged for michelin sirac road tyres, and learnt alot on it re: corner speed.
    brakes were very scary though, not enough feel- DRum rear brake !!! WTF and the headlight shit. other wise ok bike for beginners and people who want a bike thats road rego and trail in one. :cool:
  18. motard 200 for the win !

    they are ace on road! 99kg of 2 stroke acceleration, mono, endo madness !

    ha ha

    just dont expect that 8l tank to last long.
  19. nah mate 300exc-e (or kx500 :))....but then still wouldn't be ideal for the road.

    back on topic.... the 230's look like a bit of a fun little throw around bike....but i think i would get bored pretty quickly
  20. 300 is good gear. but i love the light weight 200. its good gear. not good all day gear though.