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Honda CR500 with Yamaha R1 Engine

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spar, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Re: interesting bike

    yeah that frame certainly looks creative. I've seen R1s converted to dirt before (there are some pretty good vids of this) but that thing looks dangerous :s
  2. Re: interesting bike

    wouldn't catch me sitting on that
  3. Re: interesting bike

    Ooh, I'd give it a go :twisted:.

    Wouldn't pay much for it tho'. The fact that it's got a reserve on it suggests that the owner may have a rather inflated idea of the value of his angle-iron and visually dodgy welding :D.
  4. Re: interesting bike

    Yeah, that frame looks just a little dodgy 8-[
    Interesting tire choices as well.
  5. Re: interesting bike

    Reminds me of

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  6. interesting home made job on the frame...
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    It *does* come with a full tank of petrol though....
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    Well that's handy! :LOL: I dunno, that frame looks shopping cart-like.
  9. usually with crazy specials i wonder how someone with that much engineering prowess can make something so nutty. not so much with that one :)
  10. I'm trying to figure out exactly which part/s of it is from a CR 500. I don't recognise anything. Maybe the side covers?
  11. Yeah, I was just thinking last night that so much of the frame has been hacked away to shoehorn the engine into place that it's questionable whether you can still call it a CR. Or anything else come to that. Aren't the forks and swingarm CR bits? I'm no expert on dirt bike details so all I can say for sure is that they look suitably long and springy.
  12. Fair bit more weight, its either got new springs or its going to sag like hell.
  13. The thing is, a CR500 is ten times a nuttier bike than a R1.
  14. looks pretty dogey,
    and i dont mean the frame. looks like the brakes were not swapped over,
    the sprocket looks ancient. the gear shifter looks to be home-made.......
    i wouldnt be putting my smash business on the side (though that explains where the parts are from, and why it isnt a cr500, as stock that would go better)
  15. thats ****ing shit.

    the cr500 its based off looks like a very early 1990's model as it has upside down forks but the rest of the plastics are old style. i cant remember if the cr500 went to upside down forks in 1989 like the cr250 or not.