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Honda cr 125r Review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Booth, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Ok so i just went over to see my uncle at frasers, and noticed the little cbr 125r there for a spin...something about it screamed for me to have a ride of it...comically large man, on a novelty sized bike.

    I did have another motive, in that one of my friends who is a smaller woman, is considering getting her bike licence, and buying a scooter. I suggested to the 125r.

    So i signed the papers, and kim chucked me the keys, and took me around the bike. Then it came time to ride this beast.

    First of all, let me just give you my stats before i go any furthur. 6'1 115kg.

    So i sat on the bike, expecting the suspension to bottom out...it didnt, and i was extensively suprised. Then rode off into the sunset.

    Took the first corner on it, and felt smooth, and stable(for what it is). Something i wasnt expecting either, i took it for a few u turns, and a bit of a run through some twisties, albeit the bike never really got enough power to make it difficult by any reach.

    The bike was very comfy, with a very good upright seating position. The gear changing was smooth, albeit my down shifting wasnt initially, you will need to blip. I was told by kim prior to taking her out, that the powerband hits between about 7-11 and thats exactly right, it hits right then. Now it isnt going to leave you without arms, but its got a good amount of pep, for what it is.

    Now personally i felt silly riding it, and i cant fathom why, my pre concieved notion of riding this bike, has put it below me, and in terms of riding ability the bike is. However its a very fun bike, but i couldnt shake the feeling of big man on a little bike...all i lacked was a moo moo and a twin.

    This bike, im not afraid to admit, for what it is, is fantastic.

    Its light, its flickable, it handle traffic situations well, good economy, suprisingly fun. This bike, is about 125cc off being a perfect commuter.

    I recommend this bike, whole heartedly, for those people, looking to have an every day bike, thats used in the city, not requiring any more than 80km/h.

    When i got back, kim asked me how it went, and i said, it was really fun, i loved it. And i did.

    So these are my criteria: Understand that this is comparitive to the class of bike, and its intention. So this is

    Power - 125cc class - 7/10

    Puts down 13.3hp apparently. Pretty good for a 125cc bike. Feels a little sluggish, but, its quiet rideable within its powerband.

    Handling - Commuter class - 9/10

    Light and flickable, lacks true stability. Normal sensible cornering, its fantastic, i wouldnt feel comfy trying to put knee down on this bike though. Dont doubt you can, or even i could, its just...not reassuring. That said, as a commuter, you would find it hard to be flawed...i honestly think i could pick one up, which is why i think i find it so much fun in traffic.

    Build quality - entry level - 10/10

    Clutch was smooth, brakes were more than enough for the bike. Pegs felt good, seat was comfy. Seems like a mechanically sound bike.

    I wont comment on reliability, but i doubt it would have any issues.

    wow factor - 1/10

    Enough said

    Fun factor - commuter - 10/10

    Not too many commuters this fun. The lack of power honestly makes this bike think your a racer...your punching through the gears viciously, and hitting that redline...you look slightly left, and realise your tickling 60 with a gear to go...

    Summary: Fun fun fun. Cheap cheap cheap. Need an everyday commuter for inner city work? this is the bike.
  2. I thought this was a test of a motocrosser (CR125)...

    Many who contest the junior race series (using CBR150's) have run into problems with the gearbox. I suspect these are the same as the ones fitted to the 125's, and no of at least one 125 that's been taken back because of gearbox problems.

    I know of no less than 7(!) CBR150's taken back to Honda for a full refund, all after spitting riders off when the gearbox has broken. Honda had no choice but to refund on safety grounds. I guess you do get what you pay for.

    Compare the number of riders at the start of the season that were on CBR150's to the number now that are on Metrakit bikes...

    I'm sure the 125 does excatly what it's supposed to do, but it's still a toy bike to me.
  3. Know these bikes well from the UK. Firstly and lastly they are nothing more than a youth bike (16-18yo) and principally designed to allow sub-licencing to this target market.

    I am not sure who would want to get one of these 9Volt specials for Australian riding conditions (eg. freeways and country roads)?

    Travelling distances here and the poor quality of the roads will see these pop more parts than a meth-head in the back if a pharmaceutical truck!

    Once LAMS comes in why bother?
  4. Why wait for LAMs. Already you've got far more sensible/practical 250cc learner bikes selling for around the same price (ie the Scorpio and CBF250). And if you just want something low-powered and cheap the 150cc Chinese Sachs is half the price. The CBR125 is just a classic example of style over substance - it's overpriced for what it is and way under-powered for what it's pretending to be.
  5. Good review Booth, I found almost exactly the same when I rode it too....and I am 6 foot 105kg
  6. Cammo, im not claiming this bike to be a fantastic racer...im claiming it to be a fantastic commuter. As a commuter it would be nowhere near as abused as the racer is. And i do agree, i view it as a toy bike. But honestly speaking. I view a hyundai as a toy car...dosnt stop them being sold as an everday commuter. Generally speaking, the cbr 125r is a great little bike...its a great learners bike, even a great womens bike(no offence to the girls riding big bikes, but this is a less...scary introduction to bikes)

    Id consider buying one to get from A-B simply because if someone stole it...i wouldnt cry...if i dropped it...apart from being able to walk away from it(lol) i wouldnt be sad. Very practical.

    Pro pilot.

    Yeah i agree there a youth bike, i would have said for a 12-15 year old, to race...or a 16 year old to licence as u suggested.

    I never claimed it to be a freeway bike...merely a city bike...and at that its an interesting buy. Again, like i said in my review...im reviewing it for what it is, im not applying "track day" qualities to the bike...just everyday riding ones.

    JD - yeah there great options, with the cbf...that said 4 grand on road is pretty good...when u consider that people are paying 8 grand for a cbr 250 rr...

    Thanks tubby.

    Im not defending the bike, although it sounds like i am, just posting my experience with it. It was a fun bike. Yeah it lacked all the general wanna be racer characteristics...but it dosnt change the fact that its a fun bike to ride...i could claim a honda ct 110 is a piece of shit...and it pretty much is...dosnt not make them fun...or explain there cult status.

    Like i said...great commuter and a great bit of fun...once u start taking it as more than that, you can easily write the bike off...
  7. didn't you say in another thread that you would hate to ride a LAMS bike?
  8. Not really, I would say its aimed as a substitute for premium 125cc Scooters which is inline with their price.
  9. I've been over this before. The EXACT same bike sells in South Africa for much less (despite higher shipping costs), and similar bikes (including ones which use exactly the same engine) sell in Asia for well under 2k. Honda are only charging 5k because they can.
  10. guy at work just bought one for his learner bike.
    he paid $3900.
    brand new 07 model.
  11. Yep, I paid about that much for mine.
  12. im considering buying one, based on the fact that i can leave my bike at home during the week, and not acrue expensive ducati mileage, and still have a fun bike.
  13. I checked the Honda South Africa site and it's selling for 23000 Rand. Which converting to Australian Dollars is $3726. Honda Australia have it listed on their website at $3990 ($4290 + $300 cashback). Only $264 dollars cheaper in South Africa.
  14. Yes but with the $300 cash back remember that things like stamp duty etc are probably calculated on the original 4290 price ;).
    I still can't see why it should be any cheaper in South Africa considering it's made in Thailand, and that the bike market over there is no bigger than Australia. After all "transport cost" is usually the excuse given for why bikes made in Europe cost so much more here - or would be "uneconomic" to import (ie the Hornet 600).
  15. Could be any economic factor or could be Honda trying to create more of a market by selling it for less in SA.

    These are very quick google searches. So I hope they are correct.

    Apparently in 2005 Australia sold over 100,000 motorcycles (http://www.fcai.com.au/media/2006/02/00000105.html) .

    Meanwhile in South Africa the first 5 months of 2007 sold 18000 odd bikes and quads.

    At that rate, SA is a 45000 bike market per year. Under half of Australia.

    So for all we know Honda in SA are trying to get more people into riding and build a market, which may be the reason in the CBR 125 being cheaper there than here. After all, that's who Honda are targeting with this bike, new riders. With over double the population and under half the bikes sold compared to Australia, maybe Honda see potential growth there with this sweet deal.

    I'm not arguing that the bike is too dear here or not, it may well be. It's just that it isn't that much cheaper in SA and in the UK the thing costs $6300AUS. In comparison to others I'm just not convinced we're being ripped off badly.
  16. Tax, import duties etc etc.
  17. when you look at previous posts where people are paying $3900 on the road then it doesnt matter much hey ;)
  18. Plus I guess with the Rand being relatively low and the Aussie dollar flying pretty high at the moment that Honda might do a little cross-subsidization.
  19. To get back on topic....

    - Does this bike have any major faults other than what youd expect
    - Will it sit on 100 km/h for a moment and not die, as id occasionally need to
  20. with a guy of my size, i think 100km/h might be the peak. I never really got a chance to wind it out to its top speed(hit 90 and it was banging pretty hard) Someone a bit smaller shouldnt have an issue hitting 100 or 110 on it.

    It was a decent bike.

    Its 125cc, im gonna buy one myself.