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Honda Concept models

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by goz, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. HONDA ARE testing the water with factory custom concepts.

    Honda's American R&D arm has revealed three concept bikes based on the VT1300 range in an effort to show what customisers can achieve with the firm's latest cruisers.

    It's not the first time the firm has done this and in the past similar efforts have led to production machines, notable the crazy Valkyrie-based Rune, which originated as one of three design studies which originally appeared as show bikes.

  2. And some more...

  3. I like the first 2. That last one though looks like some sort of mutant goldwing and I reckon it looks ugly.
  4. i love the 1st pic, looks awesome, and i agree with the black one, yuk
  5. Not really my thing but I'm loving the tank treatment on the first bike.

    That much rake on the forks always makes it look like something's broken or bent to my eyes.
  6. Shame they had to rip off the Victory Vision rear end styling on the last one :(
  7. The last one harks back way further than the Victory, though. Somewhat Arlen Ness, even, but essentiall a modern take on the Bagger look. I think it works remarkably well, apart from that I'd want to try different spokes.

    They're all pretty neat, but that one would be a stunner if they actually built it. The first one too.

    To think how much crap Honda got when they brought out the Fury. You can see here how much can be done with it and how differently.
  8. I liked the Fury, took it for a test ride,
    What a gutless peice of crap,
    If they had put a motor with go in it, I would have bought it.
  9. First bike... (y) HAAAI FAAAAIVE !!! (y)

    Not too keen on 2nd (black)...kind of bike one would ride in a batman suit.
  10. wheres the "concept" part?

    They look like something they would build on American Hotrod.
  11. There not concept bikes, there all up and running models produced by Honda USA's R&D dept. Hondas website tells you all about them. Three teams took a Fury and had to hot rod it, but the rules where the the bikes had to be running and ride once completed.

    No1 does it for me :)
  12. batman called and he wants his bike back
  13. If it shoots flames out of those exhausts (under normal operating conditions, not as it disintergrates) then i want it!
  14. why are Honda even competing in the chopper market? they should stick to what they know best, making shit bikes :D
  15. Agreed - that black thing looks like Darth Vader made sweet, sweet love to a Harley.
  16. Obviously, you dont ride a Honda, Goz, Hahahaha
  17. lolol nah only mucking around :)
  18. You can't build a chopper with a slow 1300cc engine. These are horrible to ride and the plastic chrome on the engine looks ridiculous. That said the bike in the first pic looks nice, just shove a decent bloody engine in it.
  19. Number 3 for me. For the same reasons my mum loves me...

    Someone has to.
  20. "Plastic Chrome looks ridiculous"?

    Plastic chrome feels ridiculous, but AFAIK, you can't see a difference between it and its metal counterpart unless its on a poor quality substrate!

    Don't get me wrong, I'd much prefer the real thing, but honestly, how can you see the difference?