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Honda CBX500F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Damomelb, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Hi gents,

    Just after a bit of advice.

    I'm looking at perhaps purchasing a 1982 CBX550 f on the cheap. The bike will need a little work to get it on the road/RWC e.g. back caliper is seized and probably a new set of tires.

    I was after a bit of general feedback/opinions on the model/bike itself. How do they stack up against say a CB550 or an SR500? Rideability? I assume they are quite similar to its CB cousin? Donk and frame the same/similar?

    I'd be looking to Cafe it heavily as well as the angular 80's sports body/look does nothing for me and I'd be buying it purely as a Cafe project.

    I'm unsure how easy these 80's Hondas are to work on. Would the Fuel tank be hard to replace for a limited spanner handy bloke or would it need to be professionally done? Ditto with the seat. Any foreseeable problems removing that body kit to get it nice and naked?

    Thanks for your input in advance :)

    Pic below

  2. I take it then that there's not too many among us who have dealt with Cafe-ing a CBX?
  3. My brother had three of these in a row back when it was a current model and did thousands of trouble-free kilometres on them. He sold the last one to a lady with whom he has maintained contact and with whom he had a first-offer arrangement should she ever decide to sell it!!!
    If I had the chance to buy one I wouldn't molest it in any way, just restore it to its beautiful stock condition and enjoy the looks as people see an eighties classic go by...l
  4. One thing motorcycling doesn't need more of is backyard chop-job cafe racers.
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