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Honda CBX250 - opinions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by demuire, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. As some of you may know, I'm currently looking for a bike (first bike, woo hoo!). Budget isn't really fantastic, cheap is good. I really like the cruiser look, have my opens and really like the bigger cc's, have ridden all of 3 bikes - CB250, BMW F650C, Honda VT750 Shadow.

    Anyway, so yes, really like big bikes, but budget being rather restrictive at the moment, I am planning on buying a cheaper smaller bike for now to get me by for a year or two, and to learn the things that they don't teach you at QRide and get more experience so that hopefully when I do win a lottery and buy a bigger better bike I'll have less chances of dropping it or doing something silly simply because I didn't know any better. Was looking at XV250 Virago's...

    And then discovered that someone at my workplace is selling an '85 Honda CBX250. Has anyone ridden one of these? If so, any opinions? Are they reliable? Expensive to upkeep?

    It's expected to be asking $1750, accepting offers for less, on the road and ready to go. Currently getting tidied up for RWC.

    Odometer shows 34000k's, he thinks it could be 134000k's considering the age of the bike. Tyres, chain, brakes all ok, fork seals done recently. Engine doesn't appear to have been rebuilt, but I'm told it runs well. There is a crack on the screen, but you don't look through the screen anyway. New screen quoted at $120. Looks alright in the photos...

    Any opinions? I guess the thing I find attractive about the bike is that it's quite cheap, where's most Virago's around here seem to go for at least $3K. Newer nicer looking bike though... But as a first sort of learner bike, I suppose I shouldn't be overly concerned about what the bike looks like, as long as it gets me places and teaches me the things I need to know when I get on to bigger and better things? Leaves me more money to buy nicer gear too..
  2. At those k's you'd have to be confident with your mechanical ability.

    I rode one of these breifly when I did my initial rider training.

    It seemed pretty good and they have a good rep.

    The good news about these bikes is the engine is probably based on a traily, so there'd be heeps of parts out there. new used and aftermarket.

    That price does sound solid, however. I would have thought $1250 would be closer to the mark.
  3. Yeah the guy mentioned that it shared the same engine as the Honda XT dirt bike. I didn't think of any significance of that until you mentioned the parts...

    Mechanical ability, I know a little, have never really touched an engine though.

    I can't seem to find any others for sale at the moment so didn't know what to expect price wise. He's accepting lower offers so if everything pans out alright I could offer him $1250 and see what he says... It's also got a sissy bar on the back, and is solo registered.
  4. Hi there Demuire, I had one of these for my first bike...it was a great beginners bike to learn on, but I outgrew it pretty quickly...I'm only 5'3" and weighed 56kg and it struggled to get up to 100/110km and would have to be kicked down a gear or three up hills. We sold it for $1200 nearly ten years ago and I would pay about $1000-1200 max for one now. They do have the XT motor in them with electric start and parts are easily accessible.

    I also had a CBR250 which went well and a Yamaha Zeal 250. I would have to say that the Zeal was definitely the most comfortable and was the better one to cruise on.

    Whatever you decide on have fun and stay safe :D
  5. There's another one for sale on Netrider over here.

    I've already put my $0.02 in that thread as i rode that specific CBX; but i'll quickly say again...
    They're a great little bike, so light it felt like riding a mountain bike with an engine. The single cylinder 250cc engine is apparently pretty damn bulletproof, and being a single far simpler to maintain when compared to the average four pot screamer 250. Surprising amount of 'go' for a single until you get over 100km/h then it starts to taper off quite a bit... alleged top speed i heard was 130 or so. :wink:

    I'd highly recommend picking up this bike even if it's just to learn how to ride on the road and get a few months experience - after that, and perhaps you get your license a few months after that, you can sell the CBX and upgrade to something with a bit more go... BUT when it all comes down to it, you've gotta love the bike your riding.
  6. Thanks for your replies :)

    Will have more of a thought about it. The seller has confirmed that the bike indeed has done 134000k's, because the previous owner got it when it had done 94000k's...

    I'll have a look into the Zeal too, but I don't think I'd be able to find any for this sort of money somehow. Will look though.

    koma: already have open licence, just have no bike, and no experience! QLD licencing is weird like that :p
  7. Hate to be a pain, its the XL engine. XT is Yamaha. I have owned a Honda XL 500 and Yammy XT 250 . All very sound , strong, troublefree motors. Cant go past the Japanese !!! I have written here before that I love the CBX 250. Very light, narrow seat, styling hasnt dated too much, nice colour, all the important things!! Very easy to learn on, as long as youre not too big. Not that Im biased ( I owned a CBX 550 for 10 years and half owned a CBX 1000 for 4 years!)
  8. brain freeze, sorry :oops:
  9. More positive feedback, positive feedback is good I think :) I'm not very big myself, I'm 5'7, and weigh in at about 57kg...

    I only need the bike to do 100km/h, preferably easily...
  10. can someone tell me the min turning circle for a cbx250? i was planning to get one to do my P test.
  11. Did my MOST test on a CBX, also racked up about 8000Klm on it before i got my license and moved to the VZ800 ....

    I think the CBX was actually more fun.. very light, chukkable, and enough power to have fun on without going crazy ....

    Turning circle is not going to be a problem....
  12. Once I finish my custom CBX250 I'll measure it... but I belive I can do a U turn in my drive way!!

    any way CBX250 Is one of the best little 250s out there to learn on... I have had at one time two!! but had to sell one :(

    These motors last a very long time the one I'm currently fixing up has 82,000 on the clock and never been rebuilt (or if it has I can't tell) with a bike of that age there will be things like throttle cables and cluch cables that will go... oil seals in forks and rear suspention... have a good feel for any movement in the rear wheel and swingarm as there are the week points of the bike...
  13. Great little bike.

    I bought one about 6 yrs ago. My wife got her license on it and then my daughter got hers a year later.

    My son-in-law got his on it as well but then stacked it. Fell off on a corner at 85kph. Don't ask me how he managed it.
    Bent a few things I fixed and it was back on the road again.

    My wife won 'longest trip for a 250' badge at the Cranny toy run with it. She rode it from Tarralgon to Cranny, to Melbourne and back home. My daughter rode it in a toy run to Willy as well. It also did 3 GP runs.

    I sold it to a young bloke who wanted it for his girlfriend to learn on.

    It had over 60k on it when I sold it and it did use a bit of oil but started first go every time. I am about 95kg and on a long flat run I could get it up to 120kph.

    I see one every day coming into town from Morwell and the other day I saw one in Bairnsdale.

    Only prob I ever had was changing the plug. I got the proper tool and had to cut about 25 mm off the end of it to get it in past the chassis into the plug well. Other than that, a real pisser of a bike. Not much on hills but good around town.

    I had wife as pillion from Eden to Pambula. Ended up in 1st gear going up but 100+ coming back.