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Honda CBR650F

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  1. dangermark submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Honda CBR650F

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  2. Some would say its not a pure bread super sport as the CBR 600RR has smaller displacement and a ton lighter/faster, but the cb650f does have enough power for a typical human and is a very sensible choice in terms of price, looks and ride position and ABS and every day use. How are you getting on with the power. I keep looking at the CB650f (Naked version of your bike) and just dont know if my next bike will be the cbr600rr as thats my child hood dream bike or the cb650f as I am a dad looking for something that just gets on with life, and doesnt keep me holding on for dear life every day to work but it can have fun in weekends.

    Looks great by the way

    Please help me decide by giving me a review on the engine delivery and your every day use with it
  3. Very nice.
    Looks great in white!
  4. Sorry for the late reply.

    For sure it is not a pure sports bike, even though Honda have it under their super sports category, but if you're looking for an easy to handle, power-where-you-need-it, all round entertaining bike then this might just suit.
    I got this first and foremost as a commuter. It sits very well on the street and although it's not going to be winning races it still loves the twisties.
    Inline 4, really smooth power delivery that comes on well. It's comfortable too, not as aggressive as it's 600rr counterpart.

    I test rode both the CB and CBR. Little difference apart from the bars.
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  5. I almost bought one of these after testing the CB650F. Very impressive. I am still wondering if I didn't spend $4,500 I didn't need to....

    Long term review would be good after a few months, if you can stop riding it long enough