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Honda CBR650F/CB650F on Honda's website

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Red Hat, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. For those who may be interested in these two new Thai built, inline 4 models, they are now listed on Honda Australia's website:

    Details on possible pricing:

    Keen to see how these will stack up against the local 650 competition. The CBR might be in the running for my next bike depending on how handling, reliability and ride away pricing turns out.
  2. Peak power of 87hp (64kW) arrives at 11,000rpm, with peak torque of 63Nm at 8000rpm.
    Kerb weight for the CBR650F is 211kg, and 206kg for the CB650F.
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    Extremely interesting, that CBR650f looks slightly more upright then a normal cbr600rr, Both look like great bikes.

    They wouldn't be LAMS, would they? (hopefully not)

    I wonder when they will be at the shops.
  4. No chance of being LAMS with that power output.
  5. I have been keen on a 2008+ cbr600rr but only put off slightly by aggressive position, I'm hoping this turns out awesome.
  6. It's 87HP so they'd have to restrict the HP by nearly half to be eligible for LAMS. Doing that to such an engine would seem to be a real shame. The end result would be a heavy and underpowered bike - so why not just get a cheaper CBR500R instead? Having said that, I think they may be doing something just like that (restricting HP below 47HP) for the A2 licence in Europe.

    From what I can gather, this is basically a 'global' evolution of the CBR600F/Hornet sold in Europe. Except that the new 650s are a bit more 'budget' and down spec than the 600F (i.e. less power, regular forks instead of USD etc). Even so, if the pricing is competitive with the likes of the GSX650F and Ninja 650, the CBR650F could be very competitive here. I've got my fingers crossed.
  7. A new breed of Hornets........

    I like....
  8. I'm not a smart man, but why is the naked version more expensive then the faired version?
  9. I didn't get that impression. I figured the naked was $9,999 and the faired was $600 extra (I think Bikesales just got the order wrong in the 1st paragraph). It would be exceptionally odd if the naked was the more expensive.
  10. ok, cool. I assumed bikesales was correct. told you i'm not a smart man.
  11. They've taken the current CB600F and subtracted 16 bhp and a tiny bit of torque while somehow adding eight kilograms. So it's a retarded Hornet.
  12. Thats a real pity as I think the latest Hornet in Europe is really good. Seems to me Honda are dumbing down their bikes a bit but then again maybe thats really smart if it attracts more riders and more safe riding and I'm all for that. Choice is a good thing.
  13. Where were the 600 Hornets made? I suspect the R&D has been put into making a fairly low stressed 650 i4 that can be made reliably in Thailand and India and exported worldwide at a competitive price. Making top spec bikes in Japan is great, but very expensive these days, so you either pay the 'made in Japan' premium or accept a 'global' model made outside Japan to less exacting standards.
  14. I'd rather the 600 Hornet be available but I think this is still worth checking out. I really like the naked for some reason.

    Still months away from full license but the "smart" side of me is leaning to a 650 as my next bike. The less smart says save money and buy a used Blackbird. And a push bike.
  15. Strange thing - once I stepped up from my 250 I found a strong desire to upgrade to an "aero" push bike and take corners faster and tighter on that too....

    Yes these bikes look good. Will test ride one so I can compare with my Horny.
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  16. Just reading info on Honda website, no tri-colour for faired model. Shame - looks awesome.
  17. With this, and the possibility of the Yamaha MT-07 coming to Australia, I think Kawasaki must be a little worried about how the Ninja 650/ER-6n is going to sell. It's starting to look expensive...
  18. Expensive and heavy. Thank the Euros for the A2 license - the bike must not be capable of more than 95hp before restriction = rebirth of interesting mid size bikes.

    Ninja 650/ER-6n and XJ6NL/FZ6R are looking pricey and heavy.
  19. This bike looks fookin' awesome.