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Honda CBR600RR or Triumph Street Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dan_g, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Hi. I've been riding for about 2 years on a Honda CBR250RR and I feel the urge to upgrade. I use the CBR250RR to commute to work, and it works well. Its light and quick enough to overtake crawling cars. But now I want something modern with more power.

    I was convinced that the CBR600RR was the bike for me, but now I'm undecided because I recently discovered the Triumph Street Triple. I've read the reviews, and the Triple seems like the perfect bike for every day use.

    In Jan/09 issue of BIKE magazine they compared the latest R6 with the Street Triple. Quote "At 8000rpm and 40% throttle it makes almost twice the power of the Yamaha, and with shorter gear ratios and a little less weight the triple has an instant edge. The R6 needs a lower gear and more aggressive throttle wrenching for the same result."
    The triple is also quicker from 0-60mph, and 40-120mph in top gear compared to the R6.

    Please help me decide. A guy that had been fixated on one bike.

    Please discuss.
  2. Comparing the power for a given throttle is a pointless exercise because it is largely arbitrary. You can get aftermarket throttles which require a smaller turn. Also the triumph has ~12% more capacity than the R6, so I would certainly expect it to pull harder. Comparing the R6 to the Triple is a little silly. The R6 is a bike that is known for being very highly tuned, so I would expect to have to rev it.

    Anyway try riding all the bikes you would consider. If you feel the 600's are short on midrange, give the GSXR750 a whirl.

    What are you after. A bike with a strong midrange pull, or a supersports redline machine?
  3. Yeah I can't believe they even compared an R6 and a Street Triple.

    Having said that, they were both on my broad list of bikes to upgrade to (ie Jap I4 600 sports vs Daytona vs Street Triple) so I guess there's a few that like me see it as one of the only non-fared/sports bike they'd consider. Says a lot about the bike really.

    Anyhoo, test ride will give you more of an idea of the different styles/power delivery. The guys at the new PS Triumph dealership are good and happy to run you through them (and I'm not exactly a PS fanboi, that's for sure.)

    Edit: 900th post :woot:
  4. Simple
    Ride the Street Triple
    Then ride the CBR600
    Then ride the Daytona 675
    Then ride the CBR1000RR

    End up buying a litre bike you werent even shopping for
    (worked for me!)
  5. Ride them all, then decide you want the D675 ;)

    If you do a lot of commuting and not after a full sports bike, look more at the street triple. It's more comfy for commuting and has ample squirt to have fun on the track or twisties. Having said that, it then opens up the world of the other naked bikes.

    The street triple and R6 is an apples with oranges comparison. The R6 is peaky more suited to spanking on the track, where the striples home is on the road with a light track spanking.
  6. Get the street triple.

    The CBR is a fags bike.
  7. Get the Triple :twisted:


    Or go ride as many bikes as you can and then decide for yourself...
  8. Oi! :twisted:
  9. Isn't comparing the two like comparing Men and Woman?
  10. Street Triple R, I say. Replace the big twin exhausts with the Arrow low-mount system, put the gearing at -2 front, and +2 rear, and then prepare to demolish every sports bike this side of a race-track and even give the 'tards a wave as you go by.
  11. As you're more than 400k's away I'll stand by that statement. :grin:
  12. Just remember that I'm coming back ;)
  13. A cbr600 is the Toyota Corrolla of motorcycles
  14. the bike alone isn't going to make him wave bye bye to other sports bike/motards or any other bike, you of all people should know that...tsk tsk tsk :p
  15. Pfft, street triple....

    Get the speed triple and wheelie to your licence away :cool:
  16. Sheesh mate. Can't you let me have one moment of silly fun? :roll: :LOL:

  17. Hahaha Sweet. Man, I love the CBR1000RR. I'm a short/light person and its probably the only liter bike I can handle. But its got more power then I would ever need, and I prefer higher revving engines that the super-sports provide.

    I've only ridden the CBR600RR out of those bikes, and it makes my 15+ year old CBR250RR feel like a dinosaur.
    I always thought the CBR600RR was a great bike. Are you fellas mucking around or is it really the corolla of bikes?

    I'm visiting the new Triumph store in Melbourne soon to check them out.

    The question is if the Triple looks great, handles great and is generally quicker then sports bike in everyday situations, why hasn't anyone made one this good for so long?
  18. Well if you take a look at the last years sales charts,
    you can see the CBR600RR was last years most popular 600cc sportsbike. And the CBR1000RR is the most popular sportsbike overall. Honda was the most popular on and off road brand.

    Their popularity drives people to want something different, similar to people not wanting a typical corolla. However they are certainly not mundane like a corolla :LOL:
  19. No they are mundane in an altogether different manner.