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Honda CBR600RR and CBR600Fi difference?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ricomac, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Hey guys - they look different but what is the real difference? I mean, is the RR a lot more grunty or are they the same.

  2. Dare to compare.

    CBR600F4i Only show room floor stock it available I'm told since the model has ended since being around since 1987 in previous incarnations

    CBR600RR First model released in 2003

    F - denotes a 'Friendly' bike design for comfort...I beleive CBR600F4i is classed as a Sport Tourer

    RR- denotes 'Race Ready'.....CBR600RR is classed as a Supersport bike.
  3. are you sure ? I always thought the F on nearly all makes and models denoted "Faired" as in have fairings.

    The F4i is a fuel injected Sports Tourer version of the RR. Not sure if the engine is the same or not, but I suspect it is and then detuned.

    The CBR600F4i is a sweet ride :grin:
  4. Good, I'm getting one on saturday :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Something which I will not shut up about.

    I think the F has a differently tuned version of the RR engine...Or the RR is a race tuned variant of the F (more likely). I think both are 599cc. As was said, the main difference between them is the riding position. Not as much arse up head down on the F and the handlebars aren't at quite as an extreme angle on the F.

    Gegvasco'll know :wink:
  5. both are good. go off your budget and personal taste.
  6. From my experience the 600Fi has a less aggressive riding position and is less "race" like. As far as performance I think there're pretty similar. Google the stats mate
  7. I was told they weren't the same engine at all - development stopped on the F engine, while it continued with each couple of years of the RR.

    From a quick look around, I found some dubious stats stating 110HP for the F4 @ 12500 RPM, and 117HP for the RR (03) @ 13000 RPM. Engines might have been the same at one stage... (same bore x stroke), but from what the sales guys told me when I was shopping, only the RR is being developed.
  8. Yes
  9. Makes sense if they stopped development of the F seeing as the production line has been discontinued. The RR massively outsold it, so I guess it's just more business sense for them to focus on it. They would still have the Hornet 600 for the more suitable road riding.

    And as they used to race the Fs, now they use the RRs it's one less use for it. Either way, the F is still damn quick. Even if it is *only* (and I say that reluctantly) a 600. When will you use all of its speed on the road all the time. It's like when would you use all of the Blackbirds power on the road. Well, apart from you guys loitering in the back there, sniggering.

    I always thought also that there would be a bigger performance difference between the F and the RR. For an extra grand brand new, I'd expect a bit more. I think they may be just trying to push those last Fs off the 06 final line (which is what mine is/will be). The way the market is going with all the street sports, I'm not entirely surprised the F was stopped.
  10. CBR600RR was released as a completely brand new model in 2003, as far as I know the CBR600F has only had paint changes since then (last engine update in the F was around 1999) so they are definately different engines.

    CBR600F used to be raced successfully but it wouldn't be that compedative against a CBR600RR these days, less so from a power persective but more so from a handling persective.
  11. matt - all I'm saying is that I find it a bit funny for a Motorcycle manafacturer to put an "F" on a model that refers to the word "Friendly", not quite the image I think a bike manafacturer would really be looking for.

    I don't know of any bike by any manafacturer that has an "F" in it's model ID that isn't faired. I could be wrong though. That of course is not to say that every faired bike has an "F" in it's model ID.

    Just seems to be a bit lame really, calling a CBR600F4i a "Friendly" model
  12. I'm sure I heard once that the F simply stood for 4 cylinder. Not sure what the 4i would then stand for, apart from maybe iterations.

    Heh. Just get me on the damn thing.
  13. the 4 stands for 4 cylinders, the "i" stand for "injected" (fuel injected)
  14. Does the 'F' have to stand for anything? it's probably just a code for a sport tourer bike or something like that. Like BA falcon or VX commodore etc.
  15. So, what about the CBR600F2 and 3?

  16. I had this same discussion not that long ago and presented proof....it was a Honda design concept at one stage to make the bikes more rider friendly, part of an egronomic kick i'd guess. I'd link to the thread but the search function isn't helping at the moment and after spending 30 minutes manually looking for the 'bikes for short riders' thread I didn't have the patience to manually look for this one (still don't). Hence the "yes" post.
  17. CBR600F2

    was the progression I beleive...the number just signifying the version...buggered if I know why they started at 2 though. But the lowecase i is for Injected......my thoughts on the F are known :p :LOL:
  18. ahhh yes, you are correct. The 4 stands for the generation of the model, it was the 4th generation.

    As I said above somewhere, I could easily be wrong, but I was sure the "F" stood for Faired.

    Suzuki GSX250F (Across) - Faired
    Suzuki GSX750F - Faired
    Honda VTR1000F - Faired
    Honda CBR600F4i - Faired

    and I'm sure there's others
  19. Allow me to rock your world

    might be true for other manufacturers but for Honda's it Friendly as in user friendly.
  20. i've always thought it was the "friendly" design brief also.

    there was a cbr600f1 - it was the hurricane model late 80s

    all cbrs are great bikes. but each newer generation is that much better than the last. the f4i model had two flavours also. one more along the original friendly concept with a banana seat and lower tune. the f4i sport was the more aggressive variant. i believe honda australia only imported the sport model here.