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Honda CBR600RR advice please? {moved from Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts}

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ZuberZuber, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Guys and girls, who own or have ridden these please weigh in with your opinion of which years were the best? What to look out for, and any general tips.

    I should be on my full's in February NEXT year, so I'd like to get a good knowledge of what I will be buying before then. It will definitely be second-hand and most probably in the range of $7000 - $8000 with preferably 25,000 km's or less on the odometer.
  2. Urgh, meant to click on the forum above and not the riding gear review section, sorry!
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    They're a fantastic track bike. As such, beware of bikes with suspiciously low mileage for their age, as they may well have been someone's weekend weapon. Look for things like wired sump plugs, etc, as they are a good indicator that the bike has been used for racing purposes.


    What do you want to use it for? - If you intend to commute or do regular long rides, may I suggest that you look instead at the CBR600F4i? You will find it much more comfortable and you can still ride the piss out of them.
    A good condition model can be obtained for around the $5k mark, then you can put some of your budget toward better shocks or other mods.
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  4. The kawasaki is best.... aside from that 2007.

    13 months you will change your mind through so many bikesby then.
  5. So true
  6. Unlikely, I've had this in mind for the last 2 years.
  7. I appreciate you really fancy one of these bikes, but I can't help but think that if you don't test ride all other possibilities you might sell yourself short.
  8. I guess you are lusting after a honda...

    2007, there was no real improvements lately because of the gfc.
  9. I guess you guys have a point, I haven't really considered the other bikes. I wasn't too interested in a 636 because one of my best mates has one and he's the one who got me into riding, I see it all the time and have been on it (as a passenger), so that's why I was considering a CBR600RR instead. In the future we could just swap bikes to try.

    I'm riding a CBR125R currently for L's, and I'm happy with it, I just felt that the 600 would be in the same line, but much, much better.

    Also, I'm at uni so I can't afford to spend too much. The R6 is lovely, but that and the GSXR is generally more expensive than the CBR.
  10. Were there any specific years that caused more problems than others?
  11. I love those one's too, I've been looking around regularly and there are few of them showing up however. I also intend to put on the Rothmans fairing kit eventually which is harder to get for the 600F4i.

    What are the main differences between the RR and the F4i?
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    It is a Honda, no issues really. Just some years are "racier" than others.

    Really would suggest that you have a look at the "supersport shootouts" or the "CBR600RR first ride" (google it) online for the last 10 years (you do have 13 months), this will tell you all the changes.

    Personally if I had to have a CBR600RR I wouldn't worry about a year I would just buy the best condition bike for the least amount of money no matter which year, condition is way more important that subtle year variations. Also I am surprised that you are finding the GSXR600 is more expensive, I found the opposite (the 750 keeps the 600 low), really it probably will come down to what is cheapest at the time, so that is why you should keep your options open.
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  13. The F4i has a more upright seating postion and is much more comfortable to ride, but you can still ride it like your hair's on fire.


    This is very good advice.
  14. Thanks for the good advice. I probably need to re-look the GSXR600 then. I will keep my options open these next 13 months.

    Really appreciate it.
  15. Check out the Daytona 675 as well, I've got that on my short list :)
  16. Some great advise right here. My brother owns a 2007 CBR600 Hanspree, man it is a smick bike. Been pillion on it only.
  17. Hey, I have also been eyeing the 600RR as my open class bike. I am currently on a VTR250 which you could say is similar to the F4i for comfort and up-right seating position. I also have 12-13 months to consider this I guess :p

    The GSXR and ZX-6R are also considerations but my dad had a GSXR750 and the ZX-6R has lower down handle bars which puts more pressure on the wrists.

    hopefully in 12 months there are new models in the dealerships (or on the way) and prices for 2011-12 models come down a bit

    I am also keen on the Daytona 675 and the MV Brutale 675 but they are a few grand more.... None for sale in Perth at the moment either :(