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Honda CBR600rr 2005 Missing Screw?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by lacisnot, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Hey - I was taking my tool box out and I must have not fastened the screw properly and now its missing. The problem is I don't know the name for it and can't find the spare part.

    Could you guys help identify the screw missing?


  2. I would suggest just taking that screw out and going to the local wreckers and finding the same bike? Either that or take the screw to a bolt shop. I don't think you need an official part for something so small...
  3. Yeah was going to do that tomorrow - just wanted to see if I could get it off ebay as a set as I was going to change the colour of them anyway
  4. Search for cbr 250rr fairing bolt on ebay?
  5. searched for the 600rr on ebay - doesn't seem to be included in the package
  6. Pretty sure it's a standard 6mm bolt anyway - might be wrong, but they seem pretty universal?
  7. Theres no thread on it and its the long bit is about 1cm long - it only takes one turn it undo and the head size is about the size of a 10cent coin.
  8. When I need to buy a replacement screw for my bike, I went to Peter Stevens and show them the screw on the manual and they just order it in. Try that.
  9. OK Olson I bought it. It's called a Zeus nut and i'll post the part number when I get home. Cost me $15 from the honda place