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Honda CBR600F or Fi4

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Pedro78, May 27, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Im currently considering what to get once im off restirctions and so far i am leaning towards the Honda CBR600F or Fi4 1999 - 2002 model.
    I'll mainly be using the bike for commuting and the info i have found so far suggests that they have a much more comfortabe riding postion than a CBR600RR. They are also alot cheaper to buy to which is obviously an advantage also.

    Just wondering what peoples opinions are of these bikes?
    Would it make a good step up from a 250?
    Also for anyone who has one roughly how many kms do you get from a tank and does it have a fuel gauge or just a warning light?
  2. Great bikes, yes, about 5L/100kms so 250-280ish before reserve. The 01-02 are the real f4i, have fuel injection and imo are the best compromise between sports and road use. Although I like the RR too ;)
  3. id recommend the split seat f4i 01-02
  4. I can’t comment on the F4I, But the F4 is just a big pussy cat, there is nothing to be scared about jumping on one straight from a 250 (If you have done your time properly) They are predictable and smooth if not a little clumsy going into corners. (compared to a light weight 250 at least)
  5. I bought my first road bike about 1 month ago, a 2000 cbr 600f4. If I had more money I would have bought a F4i but it was an extra $3000.
    I get about 6.5L/100km but I might be riding it pretty hard.

    The difference between my friends vtr250 and my cbr600 is huge. I feel it handles better around the corners, more solid on the straights and 1st gear does 110km/h.
    I went with the F over the RR due to its linear power rather then the peakiness of the RR.

    My only complaint is the banana seat.. UGLY! Other then that the F4 is fantastic.

  6. Do you mind me asking what kind of $$ you paid?
    One of the reviews I read said they come with a centre stand.
    Is this a standard item or was it an optional extra?
    Also does the 600F4 have a fuel gauge or is it only the F4i with the electronic dash that has a fuel gauge and clock?
  7. i have ridden a f4i, imo, great all round bike, highly enjoyable through twisties, very light and easy to flick, comfy enough position (bit strange after riding a naked for so long) and plenty of go when you have it in the right gear :roll:

    Overall very well put together package, and i don't reckon you can go wrong with it :wink:
  8. I paid $5200, with 40k on the clock
    Yes Mine has a center stand, very hand when doing maintance, although i wonder how much weight I would loose if I removed it and used a race stand instead..
    The F4 dash has analog speedo/tacho/temp. Fuel guage is a warning light. It does have 2 digital trip meters. The light usually comes on around 210km with about 2-3 litres of fuel left.
  9. I had an '05 F4i (injected....wossname... someone on here owns it now..). Great bike and was a perfect upgrade from my 250. Even took it on a superbike school and had muchos fun. Really had no complaints with it, fast, comfy, predictable, fun.

    Only reason I got the viffer was for better 2 up stuff (and I'd always wanted one...).
  10. My flatmate has the F4i '02 (split seat, the banana is horrible!) and I have the RR '03. The peakness on the RR that someone mentioned before might be related to the 05-06 model as the 03 has pretty much the same engine as the f4i. Having said that, all 4cyl 600cc are peaky in a way.
    The F4i is more comfortable, it does have a fuel gauge and nothing beats the almost maintenance free status you get with fuel injection. It's a fast bike on the right hands but won't bite those not so talented. Very user friendly. Not so fickable as the RR but by no means she's unstable!! Just not so good to use on the track or ride like demon if that's your thing. And she'll always let you know when you're asking for too much.
    Overall it's almost the perfect bike and I still don't understand why more people didn't buy it back then. Shame on Honda for pulling the plug on a wonderful do-it-all bike!
  11. Thanks for the comments guys.
    If the budget permits then i would definately like to try and pick up an F4i.

    What do people currently consider to be a reasonable price for an 01 - 02 F4i?

    Redbook has them valued between $6 - $7.7K for a private sale but most of the ones advertised are around the $8.5 - $10K mark.
  12. I'd expect 7.5 for a good example... 7k average and 8k for an exceptional condition/low mileage one! Again, I'd buy the 01/02 as their seat looks heaps better and they're 99% the same bike as the newer models.
  13. The CBR600F is the bike I want to upgrade to once I've saved up enough. I have yet to hear a bad thing about these bikes. They seem to be the perfect all rounder, comfortable yet sporty, good looks, pillion friendly, very well priced and plenty of power.

    One of the main reasons I want this bike is because I have a Honda CBR250 with 70,000kms and the reliability of Honda is sensational - they go forever! another reason is it has fairings so more bad weather protection.

    The F4i is the better of the 2 but I'd be happy with the 600F.

    Go the CBR600's!