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Honda CBR300R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vertical C, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. I know it sounds pompous from a person with a VFR-750 sporting a Staintune pipe, but the 250 sounds really asthmatic doesn't it?
  2. wake me up when honda release a new bike thats not a budget spec noob chariot.
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  3. VF
    VFR 1200??
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    It's sloooow - I think they put out about half the HP (22) my 250 Hornet did (~40), and that wasn't very fast either! I thought you couldn't ride anything slower until I rode a CBR125 for a friend home from the dealer.. Since they're a small single they end up just sounding like a small off-road bike. They get very old the second time after you've heard one with a cheapy ebay pipe (but I can't really talk having one on my GS)
  5. Its probably a better commuter than the old cbr250rr, was following one & he kept a good pace up without having to do a billion revs....

    however, the old one would kill it on top end & the track....

    it would be awesome if they came out with a Moto 3 super lite race replica, than i might even buy one
  6. but it's got two r's in the name.

    Are you some kind of landlubber?
  7. Get those colours off that shitty scooter. Red white and blue stripes are the preserve of quality hondas only!

    but yeah, who gives a shit, so they bored out their new step thru, added some fairings and now they can compete with kawasaki in a race to the bottom for shittist brand new bike you can buy this side of china.

    I just dont get it, who goes to a dealer starts up its lawnmower engine and thinks, yes, i want some of that in my life. When they could just save a bunch of cash and buy something thats actually fun in the form of a second hand bike.

  8. ...puke.
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  9. at least they seam to have realised that VFR1200/CBR250 styling was FARKED....
  10. Plenty of people, everyday where I work. It all depends on the rider (or in this case, potential rider) and what they want. These bikes offer a relatively cheap entry point to motorcycling and do exactly what they are supposed to as a beginner bike.

    To flip your question around, why would a new rider spend a similar amount of money on a 20 year old grey import when they can buy a brand new bike? Compare a 1989 cbr250rr to a 2013 cbr250r. If the owner drops the bike and needs a new l/h mirror, clutch lever and l/h indicator you could get the parts up from Melbourne in 1-2 days for one of the bikes whereas for the other it may be on back order from Japan (if they aren't discontinued).
  11. I don't have a problem with this new Honda, the piston size makes more sense than those tiny 4 cylinder 250's that scream like a cat being rubbed up and down a cheese grater.

    Somewhere around 300cc is about ideal for a single and 600cc for a twin and 900cc for a triple and 1200cc for a 4 cylinder. Such sizes balance power and torque and combustion efficiency.
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