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Honda CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cbrgirl, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I recently have bought my first bike with the help of my boyfriend its a 1990 honda cbr250rr. When seeing the bike over the two times we did it started perfectly everytime. When we brought it home it decides to not switch on. I jump started the bike and rode it to the mechanic and paid 550$ for a service which included new battery, spark plug change, carbie clean, oil filter change and basic service. Brang the bike home it started perfect the first 2 days and then it died again. Dosnt roll over when I try to switch it on. It is in neutral not in gear as I have checked and triple checked that. Have tried the choke method and that dosnt seem to work have also tried the reserve tap method with choke that also dosnt work. I am alittle shocked as I have just recently paid for the new battery including the spark plug change so I am not quiet sure whats the go? My boyfriend is currently overseas and I would like to take it out for a ride sometime soon hopefully! any tips on what the case might be?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!!

  2. Congrats on getting a proper cbr, not the boring new one. Sounds like the alternator may be dead, so the battery won't charge? Can check this with a multimetre, google it for a how to.
  3. Hey conspiracy!

    Thanks heaps...I am not a fan of the new cbr I think they are very noobish..being a 22yr old female and my boyfriend owning a cbr954rr I guess im quiet used to speed and the old cbr250rr was definetaly for me since day 1 of test riding :)

    I think it may be the alternator as everything else is new having the service done just a week ago exactly! Do you have any ideas as to how much it may cost to get this looked at?

  4. I had simialr problems to you ended up replacing the fuel tap and it ran perfectly. Got the part from the wreckers for $80.
  5. I dont know what it is to be honest! I am still new to riding. I got my learners about 2 months ago. And I recently just bought this bike 2 weeks ago.

    I had alot of upsets with purchasing...the bike being sold to someone else most of the time because they offered a higher price! but when I came across this one I picked it up straight away. It was a very quick purchase. All the cbrs I tested in my time never had this issue ONLY this one. And it is kind of upsetting for me :( not a very good riding experience so far.

    I think something is terribly wrong with it. I am not sure what but something is wrong and im confident something is up as the service was only done a week ago. And I supplied everything my own battery my own spark plugs so I know what was put into my bike. The boyfriend says its an old bike and this was bound to happen to it....but I dont believe thats the case.

    I guess im just gonna have to take it back to the mechanic and get it looked at again. Kind of annoyed as I just forked out almost 600$ for a service!

    thanks guys for all ur help.
  6. You did have the kill switch off?
    Just checking the obvious.
  7. Kill switch is on not off. I never turn it off on my bike. Its not the kill switch or being in gear.

    Sorry should have mentioned that :)
  8. ^^ Sent you a PM.

  9. Neither do I, but drunks returning home from the pub late at night, kids at shopping centres and friends wanting to play a prank will give it a go from time to time. We ask just in case, because often it is the case. :)
  10. OK so is the starter motor turning? How well?
  11. It's so true, I've done this... Panicing and thinking I'm stranded. Tried to jump start it about 20 times too before someone who rode noticed what was up.. Think he was the owner of Bondi Icebergs or something? Nice guy =D>
  12. Neither do I. But one day my bike wouldn't start and it was simply because the kill switch had been knocked on. Took me a while to find it and only because someone asked.
  13. What gas are you filling it up with. you might be filling it with 98 and it might be running too rich and fouling the plugs. hence it works for a little then wont fire up, (after the plugs finally fail due to too much soot on them)

    only way to check would be to puill the plugs out and see what condition they are in. plugs should last up to 20k with a good tune.
  14. They have a high compression, high revving engine. Petrol isn't the cause - they prefer 95 or 98 octane.

    Definitely get your alternator checked, but also try bump starting and going for a ride. It may just have a dead battery. If its not charging you will not get the usual 13+ volts ay the battery at 2500rpm.

    Cheers - boingk
  15. run it on 91 no ethanol petrol. they do not run well on 98 and less well on 95.
  16. Not meaning to sound harsh mate, but do you actually have any experience with the cbr s? Or even better, mechanical experience with motorcycles? I have both - extensively - and recommend 95 minimum.

    Sorry to detract from the thread but I would not like people to take advice that they may later end up regretting. Not saying you'll bow an engine running 91, but I would certainly recommend filling with 95 when it is available.

    - boingk.
  17. Do CBR250 services really cost that much or did the poor girl get ripped off?