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Honda CBR250RR with new bodykit... worth the buy?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by abcmiked, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Hi all, this is my first post on netriders, but i have been reading for a while now. im 23, and im a copper in victoria, but don't hold that against me.

    I'm just about to buy my first bike in the next couple of weeks and have been looking at a CBR250RR as my first bike. I came across Sumoto, who sell CBRs with "Latest Body Kits, L.E.D Tail Light & Indicators, Latest Design Headlioghts & much more..."

    I've had a look at the photos, and i must admit that the bikes look great, but im wondering whether CBRs that look that good are a bit too good to be true. I'll be the first one to admit that along with feeling phenomenal, riding also looks damn cool, so i want to get a machine that looks cool.

    can anyone give me some guidance?

  2. The general consensus with Sumoto is to stay far far away, do a search on it here and you'll see why

  3. give peter Stevens on Elizabeth st(city) a look, last time i was there they had 3-4 cbr250rr Aus imports for sale, think they were selling for 6-8k. i also saw a cbr250r selling for 3k(fairings need some repairs though).
  4. Agreed, stay WELL away from Sumoto.

    Just head over to the Honda JDM CBR forums and do a quick search for "Sumoto" and read the threads there, you will think twice about shopping there after reading them.
  5. Run in the exact opposite direction to which you saw the ad, don't look back. If it were a daggy looking cbr with a small fortune spent on the engine and suspension then it might be worth looking at IMHO, but opposite way around just screams out lemon. Buy an Across (Suzuki GSX250F) :wink:
  6. wow, sounds like they have shockin service and "flip a coin" type bikes... any good genuine dealers out there (in victoria) worth betting on?
  7. Don't bother with SUMOTO. There are alot of horror stories about them in most of the bike forums around. I'd say you are better off looking at Peter Stevens or Spotonmotorcycles or Bikebarn on elizabeth Street.
  8. ill check them out, thank you!

    can someone suggest a good bike for me? i've basically got 0 riding experience (besides passing my tests).

    what im looking for is a good road bike; CBR250 or something. my ultimate bike is a suzuki gsx-r 600, but obviously i wont be able to purchase that for a while. something in the vein of that perhaps....?

    PS: not interested in open bikes
  9. Some info about yourself and what you will be using the bike for would probably help others recommend some bikes. eg. height, weight, whats the bike going to be used for (commuting or weekend riding), and things like that....
  10. im 90kg, 185cm tall; bike will probably be used to weekend riding and going to work (not all the time, i love my car too).

    im looking for a cool sports bike, basically. im really interested in a "modern" look.
  11. Yeah as above, it depends on what sort of riding you're doing. If you only want to hit the twisties on the weekend then a CBZXFZR maybe good. If you want to commute etc then a GPX/ZZR/GSX would be what I suggest. Not saying that a GPX doesn't do twisties or that a CBR won't commute, but I would say that that isn't what they were designed for.

    EDIT: Just read your above post. If you like the modern look (sorry Loz) try a Hyosung GT250R.
  12. Mate like everyone else has said - Sumoto is the Devil. Stay Clear!!

    in regards to the tyga body kit on the CBR250RR, yes they look pretty smicko and make a 20 year old bike look modern, but don't go spend ridiculous 6 grand price tags for a bike already kitted up in the dealer.

    If I was you I'd keep my eyes open for a nice private example for a reasonable price (theres hundreds out there) and do it up.

    Heres the link for the tyga kit parts
  13. There was a guy on another forum selling a pretty nice CBR250R with the Tyga kit and a sweet looking paint job. I think it was going for 5 grand but the bike has oggys and all the bling bits on it.
  14. I just sold a CBR250R to some dood in Adelaide. Truck picked it up on Thursday.

    They look the business but its like dating a grandma thats had $200K of plastic surgery. Under the skin, it's all fcuked ;)
  15. Make no mistake those CBR250RR's with the RC211 bodykits look really really nice but the problem is the price as they are very expensive and cost more than when they were brand new.
  16. to be honest, money isnt really an issue for me. im willing to spend a fair bit on a decent bike. i was even willing to spend $14k on a suzuki gsxr600 before i realised that i wouldnt be able to legally ride it.
  17. But even if money isnt an issue, im sure you still dont want to be throwing away good money on a bike that is just a dolled up 20 year old bike.

    I like CBR's and think the new kits look great... but at the same time, just could not fathom the thought of spending that sort of money on my first bike. What if you drop it in the first week, the extra 3K you have spent on the shiney kit will be wasted...

    You can easily find a CBR from a private sale with new paint and good mechanical condition for 4K and save yourself the rest for the savings account to to buy a Suzi in 15 months when you are off restrictions..

    Good luck in the hunt though, I just found mine and its the greatest feeling ever knowing its just waiting outside to go for a ride tomorrow!
  18. dont be fooled wit Sumoto read alot of nasty stuff goin there.
    buy privately and you could save up to 3K for the same model.
  19. You might be too big for an RR. Go and sit on one and that will give you an idea if you could be comfortable. You don't look so cool if your legs are having to go around the fairing. I

    If you're hoping to one day get a gixxa, stay away from cruiser 250s as they're a whole different way of riding.

    The Across is a bit bigger. It's less fuel efficient, but still better than a car. The newer Kawasaki ZX2Rs are lots of fun, but also quite small. I haven't tried any other faired 250s. I'm thinking your best bet is to go to some shops and see what feels comfortable to narrow it down. Sit on/test ride some nakeds (eg Honda VTR) as well. They're closer to what you probably learnt on, so easier to practise the basic skills, yet still got some grunt.

    Sit on them for size, test ride them for ease of control, then come back on here to check you're not kidding yourself :wink:
  20. Just get a 600, your a copper im sure they'll understand :p

    Head to Moto Heaven on nepean hwy and speak to Lukey Luke im sure you can grab a decent zx2r or cbr250rr. He'll sort you out. :grin:

    Stay far far away from Sumoto.