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Honda CBR250RR Vs Kawasaki ZXR250 NINJA

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by destroyer5787, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. What are your thoughts? i got the oppurtunity to buy eitehr of these atm with the ninja being really cheap...3k. I know the kawa is alot faster than the honda but in terms of reliability I am not sure. I know you guys have a lot of experience and i am relatively new to the riding scene, any help is much appreciated!! <3

  2. Probably should have started this in the Bike Reviews, Thoughts and Suggestions thread... hopefully a kind mod will come along and move it soon.

    (sorry, no opinion on your question!)
  3. sorry, was unaware :(
  4. I havnt rode the ninja so i cant really compare, but I will say you wont be dissapointed with a cbr250!
  5. Only if the Honda is totally shagged. Any differences in performance (and reliability) between any of the 4-cylinder 250s will come down solely to age/condition, there was stuff-all difference between them when they were new. The best bike will be the one in the best condition, and that's not always the one that costs the most.
  6. interesting...cos this bike aint go rwc or reg.....30-40k's....hmmm but "looks in good condition"......:/
  7. They are very similar in performance. Otherwise, the ZXR is a bit larger, and IMO better looking: the angular rear fairings and dual headlights on the CBR make it look far more dated. Another factor is that every boyracer tard has a CBRRRRRRRRR. You will have something a little more unique if you opt for the ZXR. A downside to the ZXR, though, is that spare and aftermarket parts are rarer.
  8. I'd be finding out the reason why it doesn't have a RWC. If it's something as simple as the owner not wanting to have to pay to fit new tyres or something it could still be a good deal. Never assume a bike is in good condition just because it has a RWC, a bike can have a lot of very serious problems and still pass one easily (they really don't check much).
  9. yeah, guy was like, "i havent ridden it for 6 months it ran out of reg and i didnt renew it and its just been sitting around"...should ask him why.... prolly cos he likes cars more...T_T
  10. Sounds like the sort of person that also wouldn't have bothered with servicing, which is often neglected on 250s. Many owners only plan on keeping them a year and figure they can get away without doing anything other than putting fuel in it - eventually though someone ends up getting stuck with an expensive repair bill.
  11. thanks for the advice, i'll make sure to query when the last service was when looking at it
  12. You should use this to learn how to maintain your bike!!!
    I did!!! When I got my zxr250, I learnt how to change the brake fluid, brakes, oil, filter, coolant and stuff I wouldn't normally change or touch... it's good to learn these things I think, especially as mentioned you don't know what kind of servicing the bike has gotten....
  13. try and indirectly get an idea of whether it has been thrashed by, for example, finding out whether he can do wheelies. you don't want to end up with one like mine, which has fcuked selector forks (or something) and pops out of second gear when clutchless shifting unless i short shift at under 10k rpm :roll:
  14. well.... he is selling the bike with a full leather racing kit and knee sliders? what does this mean??? shoulds i stay away...or at least look athe bike
  15. You should at least have a look at it, sounds like a good deal if it comes with full leathers (if the bikes in good nick). I'd also suggest having a look at at least 5-10 other bikes so you get a good grounding on the type of condition these little 2 fiddys are in. When I bought mine I looked at around 10 over a few days and only narrowed it down to 2 in the end based on condition alone.

    So I bought a ZXR250 and I love it. IMHO the zxr looks newer than the cbr and you will find that people don't often know what kind of bike they are, which helps if you want to stay low key. They're also good cause there aren't as many of them around :)

    As for spare parts, there are def more around for the cbr but there are also plenty out there for the zxr too, you won't have any major problems if you need to relace parts or fix bits and pieces.

    Hope that helps,
  16. If he sells without rwc then he can't give you the plates by law. He has to hand them back to Vicroads. Which means you're up for a full roadworthy check at a Vicroads office, not just the quick and nasty local mechanic job. Add another $1000 to the price to get it on road and that's IF there isn't roadworthy items to be replaced, which is highly unlikely.

    Do yourself a favour and forget the racerboy bikes and just get something cheap and reliable.
  17. 10 bikes.... thats massive...i a m gonna have a big hunt.. but for the price and the amount of money i am willing to be paying i would want a good bike... good advice..i'll do it.
  18. ahhh no.

    He can get a RWC from anywhere just because it hasnt been registered for 6 months, geez. They will inspect it, but the inspection is soo minimal that u have no need to worry.

    My advice... Go get it RWC before you hand over hard cash. Give a desposit and make a mini contract saying that the bike is yours unless it cannot pass RWC under $500 and /or there is significant engine damage and go get the bike checked out. This way you cover ur ass.

    significant is an expressed term so if you wanna get technical you'll have to define it. But whateva just dont walk into a deal blindfolded, trust me I learnt the hard way.

  19. awesome.... the good advice just keeps on coming!!
  20. I am doing exactly the same thing. Didn't know anything about mechanics before I bought my CBR. Keep all the receipts and it'll be extra leverage when you sell it with all the servicing and new parts you have put on it.

    Don't listen to people that tell you not to buy a CBR/ZXR etc just because they think your some mad sick racer boy. If you like them than thats all that matters IMO they are some of the best learner bikes going around.