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honda CBR250RR vs. hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dorikin234, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. hi to all,
    just liked to see people's opinions on these two bikes
    i know that theres an age difference, but i find them to be quite similar in terms of learner bikes.

    which one would be the better if i were to purchase eitha one of them!?!

    cheers in advance!^^

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  2. I have had used both. If you get a good cbr, its leaves the hyo for dead.
  3. woah really!
    yea im kinda leaning towards the cbr, based on all things hehe
    thanks for ur input =]
  4. CBR is a better quality bike but the hyo looks go but not as fast
  5. i wont be the first to say this but ill say it anyway,

    get the one that suits you best and you feel better on.

    i have a number of friends that ride the CBR (including myself) and a number of friends who ride the hyo which i have taken a spin a number of times.

    personally, i love the cbr, it is smaller, has more punch and a little more aggressive position which i personally enjoy.

    the hyo is bigger, more of a cross between sport and cruise and is ofcourse new.

    had a friend sell his cbr and by a hyo cause he loved it so much, and had the reverse happen to, so big lesson is, test ride them both if you can and find which one suits you best.
  6. Hi mate,

    do a search, this topic has been thrashed out to death.

    CBR250RR - Old - Expensive

    GT250R - New - Piece of S**t

    VTR250 - Best value for money

    End of the day, buy what you like mate :cool:
  7. Forget them all, the new Kawasaki 250 Ninja is not only the better bike but also the best value.
  8. ^true

    ... and it looks fricken cool too!
  9. Each to their own PP, just like you're entitled to believe all the consipracy hogwash you pop up on off-topic :LOL:
  10. A good cbr250 is one of the highest performance and specification four stroke 250's out there. Its just getting a good one that seems to be the hard part. Oh and it helps to be small to fit on one :cool:
  11. fast posts...I LOVE THIS FORUM!!!
    thanks for all replies

    hehe im about 175cm, reckon i can fit?
    well since im getting good feedback on cbr, and that hyosung is a 'piece of s***', i think im gonna get a cbr

    ill also look into the vtr250 since i like nakeds as well hehe
    ive seen cbr's to be around the 6k mark
    how about the vtr?!?
  12. Dunno, honestly never even sat on one. I know they are pretty small tho. Best way to find out is to sit on one. I'm almost 190cm and my first bike was a gpx250 (pretty small as well), but i wouldn't do that again. Painful. You'll find a lot of people round here (myself included) think that the vtr is a better all round choice for a first bike. They still have heaps of go (for a 250) but because they are a v twin there's more torque in the midrange. They also sound pretty good with a pipe. The cbr revs a lot more (almost twice as much) and makes more power, but you would have to work it more. If you don't use the box and keep the revs up they will be pretty flat. And yeah, they have that four cylinder scream which you might like as well. Another thing to remember is if you drop the cbr (lots of learners drop their first bike) you will probably damage the fairing which could be a bit of money to fix. If you drop a naked (stationary or slow speed) you'll probably just scratch the cases up a bit, break an indicator and dent the tank. I'm guessing insurance would be cheaper for a vtr becuase of that. But you gotta ride it man, so take on board what ever info you like and buy the bike you fall in love with. There's no point riding a bike you hate just cos some dude online thought its a good choice. :wink:
  13. I wouldn't recommend the CBR either really - it's better than the Hyo in most ways, but as they're all imported by chop merchants, they have a load of hidden problems. Rust gets into them, and the salt sea container air affects the electronics. You can't get original parts for them very easily and the majority of mechanics will simply refuse to work on them because once they fix one thing, something else stuffs up.

    Ninja 250 will shit all over both of them, and the VTR250 is about as much fun as you can have with a quarter of a litre. People love 'em for a good reason.
  14. can u get double front discs on a vtr250!?!
    i kinda dont like the look of a single front disc on a motorbike...but i can definitely live with it, no biggie
  15. Mate, if you've got enough time/know how/money you can do almost anything. It could prob be done (use parts off another bike and adapt them to the vtr, or maybe japanese domestic market vtr's have twin rotors as standard issue) but it wouldn't be worth it at all, especially on such a light bike as a vtr. I haven't ridden one, but i'm sure a vtr250 has brakes at least as good as my clapped out old gpx did, and they were plenty good enough (though i know you're just after the twin rotors for looks :wink: ).
  16. HAHA yea, only for looks...o well, doesnt matter
    i like the vtr anyway^^
  17. This is a fairly good bit of advice.
    The only differences are the CBR costs 7/8 of the Hyo and will be 10-15 years older.

    The CBR will still be more reliable than the Hyocrap despite the age difference.

    Re-sale on the CBR will still shit all over the Hyo because anyone who has done their homework won't touch the Hyo with a barge pole.
  18. o0o0o0o ok
    sweet thanks for that my fellow riders hehe
    much negativity with the hyo...i guess thats it
    cbr win Win WIN!!!