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Honda CBR250rr reliability

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by blaringmike, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    This question goes out to anyone thats owned a CBR250rr, either imported or Aus model.

    Have you found these bikes to be mechenically reliable?

    Conceding some of these are starting to get near 20 years old what sort of experiences have people who have owned these had as far as reliablity goes?

    I'am considering buying a CBR and would like to know peoples thoughts on them.
  2. Depends entirely on how well they have been treated. Its possible to find ones which have a genuine 20000kms on them and have been somewhat regularly serviced.

    However its more likely to find ones which have been wound back several times, have underlying mechanical problems, etc etc.

    There are a few places that import them, check everything (and do anything necessary), then give them new paint and sell them for about 7500. Worth the extra cost if you're going to spend nearly that much on something that old anyway.

    I guess you could say it depends entirely on condition since it is possible to replace absolutely every part isn't it?

    That said, I'd avoid a non official honda import.
  3. Reliability is generally very good. The regulators/rectifiers ocassionally die due to poor design, it's about $150 at most to replace with a reputable item.

    There's as good as no difference between grey imports Vs the Aus model.

    The main thing against these bikes (same goes for all older 250's) is that they've passed through several learner owner's hands, which tend to neglect maintenance.

    the bikes themselves are a fairly bulletproof design, look for the same things you would on any used bike inspection. If you don't know what to look for, take someone along that does, it can save a lot of money later down the track.
  4. I have the imported model - 88' with 67,000kms

    Owned the bike for 2 years and mechanically I haven't had a problem. It has never let me down and I know it's reliability will get me through the day-to-day riding I put it through.

    Like the dude above said - bulletproof motor.
  5. This goes for al learners bikes: most are thrashed and given the bare minimum maintenence (because it costs money, and the bike is only owned for 12 months or less).
    Some are treated well, most are not. Most, if not all the breakdowns you will read about here on 250's could have been avoided with proper routine and preventative maintenence.
    Roll the dice and take your chances!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I had a '92 build personal import. It had done 28000km when I bought it, and sold it at 49000km. I had to replace the shock and re-oil the forks (suspension was very soft); two of the wires were mismatched; and near the end some screw working the speedo needed replacing. All very cheap to fix. Other than that it was incredibly reliable! I always got it serviced every 6000km and never had to find an alternative way to work :grin: . However, not everyone is so lucky. Sweeris has had some difficulties.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention it also needed new chain & sprockets! It was actually coping alright on the old ones, but after my low side, learning the lesson of "look after the bike", I was extra paranoid and got them, not just the suspension, fixed.

    The good thing about them is there are and have been so many about, you can get heaps of parts from wreckers :grin:
  7. I have a 99 Aus Version, bought in January 2000. I bought it off the original owner and it had only done 15000km's.

    I had bought it off a woman, and I reckon they look after bikes better than blokes.....

    Mechanically, the only thing I have had to tend to is the battery. She hadn't been using it prior to me buying it as she had bought herself a new bike already, so unfortunately ol baby blade had been sitting under wraps in the garage unused so the battery had lost all charge....$60 and a trip to my auto electrician mate and away I go....

    Mine starts every time first go. Fuel mix is just right, not too lean, not too rich....and I don't think I have ever used the choke on it.
  8. Its a bit of a lottery with CBR250's. You really need to look closely without the fairings, cause usually the fairings are new but everything else is old.
    I had an '89 model and it worked fine, but sometimes it would shake and rattle above 110 km/hr and it would get really, really hot. As for a learners bike, its fanstastic.
  9. A friend of my sons bought the proverbial worst bike available.

    Import - wound back a few times, with silly kms on the clock.

    He NEVER did any maintenance - the sprockets were like fish hooks etc. Oil and filter never changed.

    It lasted him 2 yrs before he stacked it enough to sell it as a wreck.

    It handled serious abuse - and still worked.

    On that basis, - I would have to say that they should be reliable!
  10. First bike was a 1994 cbr250rr, everything perfect with it as long as i had it (about 6 months) serviced it b4 hand and the mechanics said it was all fine considering the previous owner bought it from ......SUMOTO lol
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys, looks like i'm gonna be buying one this week. Will post details shortly