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Honda CBR250RR or Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sam_ye, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I currently ride a cbr250rr. personally i think the bike is abit small and light and too easy to throw around. Also, i find the body shape of the bike a tad on the ugly side.

    Currently, there is a Hyosung gt250r that has caught my eyes. I am not quite sure about the mechanical reliability of the Hyosung though. Any opinions people?

  2. Yep, they are tonnes more reliable than honda - I've never heard of hyosungs breaking down but I hear about cbr250rrs shitting themself all the time.

    Welcome :twisted:
  3. i know of a few people who have had problems....inferior build quality is why they are so cheap
  4. bullshit. Let's see how well these hyosungs go after near on 20 years.
  5. Horses for courses, really. Any Honda you get now is going to be getting on in years and the nature of the bike is that they get thrashed unmercifully. That's not to say that the motor isn't designed to take it, but 10+ years of over 10000RPM flogging is going to have taken its toll. Add to that the fact that the running gear is also going to be similarly degraded.

    The Hyo is going to be newer and probably much lower mileage. It will lack the usual Honda build quality (obviously), but, unless your Cibby has been the subject of a rebuild, it will be a bit frowsy as well.

    The V-twin engine of the Hyo is much more relaxed which might also suit you better.

    If you can find a Cibby that has been looked after, then I'd go for it. But if your Honda choices are all bikes that are high mileage and old aged, then go the Hyo.
  6. :p
  7. cheers guys
    well my honda has 45000kms on it. from browsing around online, it seems 45000kms is a fair bit for a bike. its been looked after. has done all the servicing required. but like any 250 its probs had the shit reved out of it. i was wondering if the extra weight on the hyo would better prepare me for a bigger bike? and also, if anyone would know SA's regulations on after market work done on bikes.
  8. what kind of work?
  9. custom exhaust pipe, not sure if its the whole exhaust system or just mufflers. not sure if that'll take the power to weight ratio outside the LAM legal range
    actually...thats the main concern. the rest (paint, tinted screen, LED indicators) doesn't affect the power output of the bike so it should be alrite. concidering the cbr250rr comes standard with a jet black screen i think the after market jet black screen on the hyo will b fine.
  10. Hmmm, only if you're going to be upgrading to an older ducati.
  11. ey...? wot do you mean?
  12. An honest 45k kms is better than a wound back one that says 6k. With modifications, wouldnt bother if you're already looking at this as a stepping stone to bigger bikes. Lots of people like the cbr250rr.....they talk about them all the time at tafe and that... if you want a learners sports bike, I think you've found it.
  13. It's a maybe. They will definently test for noise level in SA, but your unlikely to get done for the little known EPA one that says ANY mod to an exhaust systems not legal.

    Tinted screens, technically not allowed. LED indicators also banned, in fact *any* light not specified in regulation cannot be installed at the moment. If they want to get antsy about it they could require you to prove your indicators meet ADR standards, but you'd be unlucky to be done for that. Unless it's part of a FE kit.

    Your chances of getting done for any of this is minimal.
  14. nah i'm not doing mods on it. i found a hyosung with mods already done on it. not sure if it'll b road worthy in SA thats all haha. i've been told plenty of times the CBR250RR is the best learner legal bike due to its power output and all. and the engine or the carby makes a strange whinding noise if i leave it in idle for too long...is that natural?
  15. OHHH so ne form of tint is not allowed!!
    wot about the cbr's then? coz i swear to god they all come with tinted screens.
    ahhhh it seems SA regulations r as tight as vic. coz this bike has not achieved the road worthy cert in vic.
  16. OK you missed my sarcasm so I'll say it clearly, hyosung build quality is unacceptably inconsistant. If you insist on getting one, get new with extended warranty. If you're silly enough to buy one used, choose one with factory warranty still in tact for a decent amount of time (make sure logbooks are up to date to preserve warranty). And finally if you get one used without warranty, it better be very very very cheap.

    Run a search or go have a read of some hyosung forums to see what goes wrong with them and how often.
  17. Just stick out your restrictions on the CBR and save your money for a proper bike. A hyosung would be a step back in build quality and fun.
  18. Yet also be aware not everyone has/had a problem.
  19. its an old argument mate. Everything mechanical has problems, some are more prevelant than others, some are poor workmanship, poor components or even poor design.

    No manufacturer is exempt from having problems small or large.

    The OP needs to read up, then buy what he/she wants to buy. People on here you should do a search of there posts are stigger and dougz. This is in regard to the hyo as for the cbrrrrrrrrrrrr 250 I personally found them small.

    I bought a new hyo for the size of it. I climbed on all the other 250's(I was pre-lams) and none of them felt all that great impo. This is the same as when I climbed on the cbr600, gsxr600, r6 and the ninja. Just did not like how they felt under me, the gsxr 750 on the other hand felt great(As did the R1). I am still considering what I might get as my next bike, but believe me when I say im going to sit on and ride as many bikes as I like the look of till I find the one that feels right to me. The OP needs to do that. Buy the one they like.

    edit./ the post that was above disappeared, mod if this post needs to be removed feel free

  20. The inconsistency is true. I bought two new ones (not my choice but gave in) - one for me and one for my ex. Hers had an issue straight up (stuffed fuel line) and was fixed after being pushed back to the dealer only a few minutes after taking delivery. Hers seemed to run a little on the rough side too. Mine has run fine to date. Dougz had one that essentially fell apart / blew up. Others have had ones that have continued to run. The variability in quality is higher than it is for the Japanese manufacturers. I think the only issue with getting the CBR is its age. Comparing the CBR and GT250R, the CBR is smaller, more powerful and has a more aggressive/sports riding position. The GT250R is a sports-tourer and has way less power than the CBR. Having said that, 250s don't have heaps of power and nor should they for learners.