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Honda CBR250RR or CBR250RR (Grey Import)?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by benbow, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Hey guys...

    Just about to go buy my first bike. thing about a CBR250RR

    Just wondering what the difference is between a Honda CBR250RR and CBR250RR (Grey import). I know a grey import is imported from overseas but is there a difference?

    Dont really have that much knowledge on the subject of bikes so your help is appreciated!
  2. And welcome to you...

    Go fill out your profile, and introduce yourself if you want help...
    In the interim..

    I am not 100% sure of the smaller things, but mechanically, frame fairing etc they are identical afaik.

    The difference, you pay way to much for these little rice burners, and really an aussie model may have a verifiable history, and costs only slightly more with the way over inflated prices the majority (greys) achieve.

    The Oz delivered ones were sold here until 2000 I think, although they were complied perhaps 98 models, and the greys are usually early 90 models.
  3. Well the grey import is a Japanese import and the other is a parallel import sold in the domestic market.

    You have no idea about the condition of a lot of the imports. They could've arrived in a shipping container, sitting for months in different pieces, all put back together and given a shiny new paintjob (which a lot are). You don't know how many "real" k's the bike has or how it's been treated.

    The domestic CBR's sell for a lot more (unless you're stupid and pay the Sumoto premium). You have a lot more information about domestics and most appear to be in better nick.

    About all I can add..
  4. go to the cbr250.com forums. You'll find all the information you'll ever need to know there mate.
  5. thanks for your help guys. hopefully ill be riding soon!
  6. honestly if your going to buy any bike second hand, you can't trust there service history. you'r best bet is to get them both checked by a mechnic, if they both check out get the grey import, the aus imported cbr250's are restrict(have a little less torque), but you can derestrict a aus model(should be a guide to get into the electrics on cbr250rr.com)
  7. If you are in a LAMS state buy a bigger bike. These will lose value and you fins it hard to sell over the long term.
  8. They lose less money then their bigger counter parts.

    I bought my CBR250rr for $3000, after doing my L's & P's on it I still think I could get $2000 for it.
  9. Actually, it was the japanese CBR250RR that were restricted because japan had the power restriction laws of 41hp for 250cc. Most people opt for the aus one, because they usually havent been sitting for several years waiting to be shipped here.
  10. This is the exact thread iv been looking for, however the question still seems to not be completely answered.

    Are MOST 250rrs on the market grey imports unless otherwise stated?
  11. Yes. If it was an OZ delivered bike, the seller would practically highlight that fact in BOLD, ITALIC, UNDERLINED FONTS in the advertisement.
  12. You'll do better than that mate.

    I bought my CBR250R for $3,000. put new chain and sproket and resprayed some scratches I put on it when I dropped it. Sold for $3,600.

    Bought FZR250 for $3,900 with 12months rego. Sold it 3 years and 15,000kms later with 6months rego for $3,500.

    You can't really go wrong as long as you get one in good condition.

    Whats all this knowing the history of an OZ delivered vehicle?

    Sure an imported vehicle could have had the kms wound back and it could have been trashed then repaired. what stops you doing this to an oz delivered vehicle? I'm pretty sure repair shops don't ask you to confirm whether your vehicle is imported or not when they repair it, as i'm just as sure oz delivered vehicles get damaged and thrashed just as much as something that comes from japan.

    Judge each bike you look at by the condition of that bike.
  13. The idea is that grey importers are wholely looking for a profit, and the way to do that is a good looking bike with low kms. An aus bike, while still being sold for some profit is either from: private sales, usually to get rid of the bike for a reason other then purely profit, shop sales, second hand trade ins where any profit is usually large because the trade in offer is typically low.

    Yes it can happen with an Aus delivered, but it is more likely to happen with a grey import.
  14. Because a bike is imported from Japan once, doesn't mean it is always being sold only for profit. I have owned two imported bikes, which I didn't personally import and about four imported cars which I didn't import and one car which I did import. None were for profit.

    Grey import means it was born in Japan, then came over as a second hand bike. The reason for this may be that it was cheaper to do so than to buy one over here.

    As with imported cars, there are a lot of cars for sale in Japan, because of a greater population and tougher rego over there. Once their cars get a little older, it becomes more and more difficult for their rego and they become worth not much to them at all. We then buy them for bugger all and even after adding on shipping, compliance and customs duty, it's a good buy.

    I'm not 100% on the bike rules, but with cars, any model that came out over here, is not available for SEVS. Mustn't be the case for bikes for there to be oz delivered and imports of the same year model.

    Simple answer... check each bike you look at for any problems. Don't assume anything 'oz delivered' is a gem and everything imported is a lemon.
  15. nope the jap imported bikes are 45hp, aus bikes are 38-40hp. try googling it, wiki has alittle info as well. The cbr400rr was the bike of choice in japan.

    grey vs aus imported, meh both bikes are all 10yrs old(all are second hand), it all comes down to wat kind of condition the bike is in & any good mech should be able to tell you.

  16. I have an Aus one, the seller wanted $5500 for it, it was a Dec/99 compliance (prob 96 build) with 12000kms, single lady owner since she bought it from Honda WA in Jan 2000. She had a buyer lined up who was about to buy it, but pulled at the last minute cause he wanted a bigger bike.

    She sold it to me for $4800 cause she knew me, otherwise it was going back to advertisment for $5500 and more than likely would have sold for that.

    I have done 6000kms on it and I love it. Very reliable (unless you use shit fuel).

    I know this thing has value, as I have already had 2 unsolicited offers to buy it for $5500 - $6000.

    When I insured it, I wanted to insure for agreed value of $5000 so I could at least retrieve my money of something bad happened, however the cheapest my insurer would insure it for was $7800 because of the low km's. SO in theory, the bike is better off to me stolen. lol....

    Anyways, I rode a few of these when I was looking, and the Aus ones definitly were a lot nicer to ride...better looked after too....
  17. from your own link:

    "The earlier models (1986-1993) produced 45 ps (34 kW), from then on, the power output was reduced to 40 ps (30 kW) in 1994 after a change in Japanese law."

    RR's were sold in japan from 90-99, the majority of them will be restricted. There was no reason for Honda to restrict the ADM models.
  18. The Honda CBR250 series of bikes were produced between 1986 and 1996. They were a lightweight 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, and 6-gear sportbike capable of revving up to 18,500 rpm. The earlier models (1986-1993) produced 45 ps (34 kW), from then on, the power output was reduced to 40 ps (30 kW) in 1994 after a change in Japanese law

    1994 + are all aus imported bikes. most Grey imports are L/N models.

    check any aus imported model & there chassis will read 1994+