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Honda cbr250rr 1992- what to do

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by brendanwhite, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Hi there, just wondering if anyone could help me out with what I can do to the cbr to get some more power, without doing major mods and spending heaps of cash?

  2. I heard you can push them real fast.
  3. Is it not working properly or are you just bored?

    95-98octane makes a big diff over 91.
    Lose weight :p
    Maybe check out http://www.cbr250rr.com.au/
  4. Lots of these shoved up the exhaust pipe
    (Just don't put them in the wrong way).
  5. Changing sprockets is the easiest way to get better acceleration our of a bike. For a 1991 bike it probably would be a good idea to have the carbs cleaned balanced and tuned. With a sports exhaust this could make a difference although not a huge one.

    Re-do your fork oil and put good tyres on and you'll be going a lot faster in the twisties. Thats where it really counts.
  6. In all honesty mate, your not going to get too much more power out of the CBR250RR.

    Best advice is to get some good servicing done to have your beast in tip top condition..

    Spark plugs, Oil and Oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, carby clean and tune, chain and sprockets, coolant flush, new tyres (Pilot Powers, Dunlop GP70s are best) if you stay on top of this you'll have a great running bike.

    If your still looking to go fast i suggest invest in rider training course of buy a larger capacity bike.

    Goodluck mate.
  7. Him or the bike :?:
  8. The short and simple answer to your complicated question is simple:


    Fill the bike up with diesel, and reap the benefits of more powa!

    let us know how it goes.

    Oh yeah, we're well thanks, you?
  9. Ignore the above idiot.

    Where in Brisbane are you ?

    If you can get your bike to LAE racing at Geebung or drop in and see Alex he will give you some GOOD advice.

    LAE is right beside the Geebung train station carpark ya cant miss it.


    as mentioned sprokets, carb clean and balance and a good service will be a benifit to the bike.