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Honda CBR250R 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RedRobbo, May 7, 2012.

  1. Title says it all, I am looking at getting one I was just hoping that some of you members that have this bike could give me some feedback thanks in advance:biker:.

  2. I've owned mine for about 2 months and am having a blast. I'm 6'2' and 95kg and it's a little small but I still feel comfortable on longer rides. It's not a fast bike but that is perfect for beginners. On the highway it'll sit happily on 100 but feels like it's could do with a 7th gear. In the traffic it really shines, quick off the line thanks to the torquey single cylinder engine. Very nimble, changes direction quickly, instilling confidence in new riders.

    I opted for the ABS, haven't had to use it yet but have been practising my emergency stopping and can pull up very quickly without going over the bars.

    All in all it's a great bike to learn on, I'll be handing it over to the wife when I'm off restrictions.

    Like all experienced riders will tell you (I am not experienced by any means), go and test ride a few bikes and get a feel for what you like. I tested the CBR250, cb250, vtr250 and a Ninja250 and the CBR for my mind felt the best to me (mainly because of how I fit on the bike).

    Hope this gives you some food for thought.
  3. Hey thanks Luke for your insight to the bike if any other members have one I would greatly appeciate more information:)
  4. Test rode one, it was ok, single cylinder was nice and torquey, felt more like a dirt bike than a sport bike.
  5. They are a great bike.
    Brought one for my g/f last year and she loves the thing.
    I rode it home from the dealership ( thanks Metro Honda) and enjoyed the nimbleness of the bike, was surprised with the take off speed and how easy it sits at speed.

    I ride both on the road and on the track and I've told her we will be turning it into a race bike once of her restrictions and I will race it in the 250 proddie class because I believe it would be so much fun to throw it around the track.

    I'd suggest trying out a few different bikes that fit your style but if you like the cbr250r I say go for it.
  6. Hey thanks for the heads up, I am looking forward to getting one anyone share some info?
  7. I bought one last month, before getting my Ls infact! Haha, been riding it for more than a month now, it feels great! I thought I'd grow out of it pretty quickly, but I'm loving it and don't think I'll be upgrading any time soon :D

    I was tossing betw the Ninja 250r and this, I went for the CBR and my bud got the Ninja. Even after riding both, I still love my Cibby more. It's a great economical and fun bike!

    If u are a new rider, u won't regret it geting this.
  8. Buy the original.
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  9. i've had mine for about 2 weeks or so and done ~800k's so far been quite happy with it but some of things i've noticed

    1.went long a fairly long ride on friday night ~180k's (well long for me anyways) the seat was quite hard not sure if it will soften up or if i might get a cushion.
    2.the fuel tank cap is kinda annoying having to take it out and place it somewhere when filling up, what was honda thinking?
    3. I wish the windscreen was a little taller i think it might be the only thing i will bother with upgrading i'm 6ft tall and getting plenty of wind in the chest, maybe i just need to duck down further who knows

    power wise i'm quite happy it gets me to 80-90 pretty quickly and easily havent done much faster since i'm travelling during peak-ish times
  10. Those things seem small - my main "things I would change" from my Ninja250 (that the CBR250R has) are that I would want a digital speedo, and EFI.
  11. yea little annoying things, the main reason for me going to the cibby over the ninja was the FI, the digital speedo is nice but not a ground breaker and neither are the things i mentioned it just something you only see after you have it for at least a few days not something you pickup during a quick test ride
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  12. ehh if you just want it for commuting it should be fine. But its not a sport bike and wont impress much in the twisties.

    I know that you might think, oh nah ill just be punting around the local roads on it because im inexperienced, but eventually you will want a bike that is up to a hard riding through the twisties.

    I would recommend getting a sorted original 250RR
  13. not really, all i use mine for is the twisties and the track and i goes fine. will ride around 600/1000 noobs all day long. (in the corners obviously)

  14. you use a CBR250R Single cylinder 2011 model and tear up noobs on 1000ccs all day?

    I find that hard to believe, CBR250R or RR from the late 80s and early 90s, maybe, but i still find it hard to believe though because i dont think your that much of a gun rider.
  15. yep if you get a guy on a 1000 whose not that great he will be really slow through the corners and its not that hard to go around them. don't get me wrong they will absolutely blow me away on the straight but the corners are a different story.

    for some reason people think just because its a single 250 it can't do anything
  16. flame me for not doing research,
    but how similar are these engines to a crf 250 for instance?

    ie being a single they are basically a dirtbike engine,
    same with moto3.

    the first cbr 250's were twins?

    why the singles?
  17. Perhaps they're cheaper to make?
  18. Well base on the reviews I've read so far, the CBR250R and Ninja 250R are pretty close in performance.

    Looking at that video it doesn't sound hard to believe.
  19. And I think more torque?
  20. the twins have a bit more top end than singles (i think)
    singles more torque (hence the dirt bikes for chugging up a cliff)

    i would want a twin for a road bike (250)

    how fast do they go? my klx 250 did 120kph on dirt and 140kph on tarmac, was awesome in the twisties (like low-power supermoto) But it was a BEAST on the trails.

    i rode a gpx 250 (twin), same engine as the ninja 250's, it was actually not too slow,
    but you would have to spank it harder than a japanese schoolgirl.
    think it did about 160kph or 180kph can't remember.

    Just as a contrast, an nsr150 will do 210kph!!!! (but not for a beginner)

    OP think about what you want it to do! that is the main concern
    LAMS have a very wide range of bikes and some are even quite powerful
    If the CBR is what you want, go for it.
    but there is always a compromise, unless you are getting a race machine

    you can get a better roadbike on LAMS, or a trailbike that would whoop the CBR on the road