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Honda CBR250 or Kawasaki ZX2?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Clueless (but learning!), Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Hi guys :)

    Me and my friend just got our L's on Sat - yaah! So we're going to the rites of passage of every newbie - getting totally confused and frustrated (but having a blast at the same time!!) about what bike to buy as our first!

    This forum has been fantastic in giving us some tips! Just wondering (maybe silly questions) -

    1. what's the difference between a CBR250R and a CBR250RR??

    2. What's a better bike - the Kawasaki Zx2 ninja or the Honda CBR250R/RR??

    3. My friend is a bit shorter - is any bike better for people with shorter legs?

    Apart from Sumoto's - are they any other dealers you would recommend (or not) in Melbourne for 250cc?

  2. Ring every shop in melbourne and make them beg for your cash.
  3. are u hot? just kidding! congrats on getting your Ls.

    buy the newest and lowest mileage bike you can afford. 250s are largely the same in performance. try to get a test ride on as many bikes as you can. also budget for quality protective gear.

    cbrs are pretty small and low. i don't know much about the ninja so i would look at the cbr250rr. hondas are reliable and plentiful.

    some others to consider: kawa zzr250/gpx250, suzuki across 250, yamaha fzr250
  4. From what I can see, the cbr250rr is rather a lot more price wise compared to other modles.

    One point here.....
    Check what insurance is for each bike. The cbr250rr is seems to be a bit more than others.

    And Welcome!!! Fellow newbie here as well. I only got my bike a few weeks ago and my gear last weekend.

  5. ZZR250 ZZR250 ZZR250 ZZR250 ZZR250 :D :D :D

    Just take a look at it... it's soooo cute! It's adorable!!! It's comfy. It's the best learners bike around. It's got a good riding position. It's not as expensive as a CBR. It's just lovely 8) And because I've got one too hehehe :p
  6. Welcome to the forums Clueless. Here's my answers to the questions you asked and one you didn't :wink:
    My friend and I, my friend and I
    Not much, they're both overpriced wannabe sports bikes :p
    I'd say the Kawasaki because if you're going to get an attempted sports bike at least it won't be a Honda :LOL:
    Short people generally don't have a problem in the 250s, it's tall people that have the problem.
    Sumoto is generally pretty dodgey. I've had numerous dealings with Peter Stevens all over the joint and haven't really had a reason to complain.
  7. Thanks for your tips so far! The guy we did our permits with was fairly pro Honda's and pro CBR250's so its good to hear other perspectives and suggestions! :wink:
  8. Anything green or by a company beginning with a K is a bad move.

    *Dodges thrown objects*
  9. *throws objects*

    ZX10 will eat you like a big green dinosaur rising from the ashes of fallen Hondas.
  10. No, really? I ride a 250CBRR, My top end is about 170-180.

    Still prefer it to a Kwaka however.

    *continues to dodge*
  11. Almost as fast as my Across mate :LOL:
  12. Hey, wait - it sort of looks like a bike, but I think it's a scooter in disguise. Petrol tanks should be for petrol, not helmets.
  13. I think Sumoto may be the only 250 specialist, but most other bike-shops will have a decent selection (not as big as Sumoto though). I personally like the shops out in Ringwood as opposed to the city shops - just seems a little more relaxed / friendly. Definitely easier to get assistance.

    When looking to buy - best advice is to ride as many different bikes as you would consider (i.e. if you wouldn't consider a naked bike, don't bother trying it). That way you will know what feels best for you. You may be charged more for some bikes (i.e. cbr's) but then again you will recoup most of that with a higher resale value (provided the bike is not on its last legs).

    Also be sure to factor in AT LEAST $1000 for gear in your budget (likely $1500 for reasonable gear) - it may make you change your buying requirements if you can't afford all the bikes. You may also be able to work a deal with the people who sell you a bike so be sure to ask.
  14. cintact me on 0412214612
    I can put you onto a dealership that has a few 250's
    also point you in the direction for safety gear
    its too long to type and easier to ask questions and answer them over the phone than posts back and forward
  15. Now would that be one of the recalled ones or....

    Opps sorry i forgot they recalled the lot didnt they. :LOL:

    *watches for more thrown objects
  16. :LOL: I knew I was asking for it, it's like 2:1 Honda ratio on here
  17. It's all about quality. It's a safety feature, not a flaw. What a wonderful way to reduce speeding; a front wheel that tears itself apart will either reduce speeding or reduce the number of hideous green "things" on the roads. Either way we all win.
  18. Thats okay Evn.

    Now do you really wanna play some more.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. :LOL: Sure I'll take you all on *puts on gold chains and shaves head into Mr T style mohawk* I pity da foo who be paying out on the green machine! :p
  20. I'm on your side Evn, NO ONE pays out the Kawa!

    Anyone who does will be smacked down, shot, then given a Across to ride!!! :twisted: