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VIC Honda CBR250 & Honda CBR125 stolen/abandoned/dumped?

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Tex, May 2, 2012.

  1. Lost a Honda?

    There’s a CBR250 on my street that looks like it’s been dumped. Plate has been removed; helmet is attached (and probably full of rain water now). It’s been there two weeks or more. Preston area.

    On Sunday I saw a CBR125 parked on the nature strip in a discreet spot in Southbank. No plate, and the rego sticker holder looked like it had been ripped open, with the sticker missing. It looked to have been there a while, as the chain was quite rusty. One mirror missing and a front blinker broken off.

    If they think one of these might be yours, send me a message with some details about your bike and I’ll tell you where the one in question is parked.

    Or, is it simply the case that people just don’t want Hondas and have started abandoning them?

  2. Can give the local council a call or even the police. The VIN might be reported as stolen so police can identify it?
  3. Is there a hard rubbish collection due soon??
  4. Previous experience has shown me that the police are spectacularly uninterested in following up on things like this. My local council? Surely you jest!

    Hmmm, maybe it is a hard rubbish thing. 'Tis a Honda after all... ;)

  5. They dont care until you move them into your garage until the real owner comes forward, then theyre all like "errr" an im like "WHATEVER"
  6. Is the CBR250 in Preston still there Tex? I'm looking for a project bike for my son, so if it's a case of the owner is no longer interested, I'd like to make them an offer for it? I live in Mill park, so Preston's convenient for me to go take a look? Cheers, Terry.
  7. Hi Terry, it's gone, so hopefully the rightful owner retrieved it.